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Aside from making your profile more attractive, adding a photo and bio helps your provider profile rank better on Google

Increase Traffic to your Provider Profile Page

  • Google places higher value on pages with original creative content.
  • Google sees the photo and bio as original creative content.
  • Your photo and bio help to generate more informative search results, which increases the chances that consumers click on your link in the Google results.
  • When writing your bio, please consider using keywords that consumers may search for when looking for a local audiologist.
  • Read about Google’s ranking system and original content.

You should also consider having your patients complete the outcome and customer satisfaction surveys at the conclusion of their hearing aid evaluation period. After accumulating some feedback from your patients, you’ll be shown more prominently on our “hearing providers” page, and you’ll also be shown on Google with stars next to your name. Google calls these types of listings “rich snippets.” Here is a sample:

Hearing Provider Rich Snippet

We have carefully integrated “structured markup” on Hearing Tracker to help generate these “rich snippets” so that providers can enjoy a 30% increase in click-through-rate from Google. Consumers love clicking on Google results with the stars, so please consider using our survey system.

This is how to really take advantage of our free system.

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