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Hearing loss can feel like the end of one’s life. A resignation to an inevitable and diminished hearing experience that will forever change everything – and that may never get better. Yet those who wear hearing aids and cochlear implants know that there is life after hearing loss and that technology plays a critical role in hearing rehabilitation. In addition to hearing devices, there are a number of apps, tools, toys, and gear that can enhance one’s hearing experience across a variety of environments. Read more

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Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays — delicious food, good spirits and lively gatherings of family and friends. But with my hearing loss, I sometimes worry I will miss out on some of the fun. Large dining room tables make conversation tricky, especially, like in my family, if everyone is talking at once. Background chatter combined with noise from the football games on television add to the overall din, making it a tough listening situation. What is a person with hearing loss to do? Follow these tips and have a very Happy Thanksgiving! Read more

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The words that come to mind when describing the Pure 13 BT are: rugged and sturdy. The shell seems strong enough to sustain the accidental drop, exposure to the elements, or an active lifestyle. It does come with the option to use domes or molds for the receiver in the ear. The degree of hearing loss is likely the determining factor on the most appropriate option for you. Read more

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In the past, we’ve written extensively on the subject of “TeleAudiology”, or the field of hearing healthcare from a distance. Hearing aid manufacturers like Signia and ReSound have been in the game for a while, with ReSound’s recent release of the LiNX 3D™, and Signia’s launch of Signia Pure® 13 BT, both earlier this year. Both products were released with a companion smartphone app that enabled the hearing aid user to download new settings from their hearing professional, and apply those settings to their hearing aids. Read more