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So I can’t make this up! I lost my processor in its Aqua+ on Sunday. It was a bummer as I didn’t bring my back-up and only had my Kanso for the other side and didn’t bring the Aqua+ for that. However, 4 days later, Denise and I are sitting on the beach and we see this gentleman with a metal detector in the water! I sent my mom down to talk to the man and just let him know if he happens to find a processor, let us know! Not five minutes later he found it! Perfect working condition! Didn’t even have to change the battery or anything!!! By the way, the gentleman’s name was Walter and we had him take a picture with us! Read more

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Hearables are about to hit retirement homes, thanks to an ambitious new initiative its creators call Hearables for All. Spearheaded by the Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing, the 12-month-program will let hearing-impaired elders try out the latest Internet and smartphone-enabled personal sound amplification (PSAPs) devices. Read more

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The main dining room at this high-end venue where guests were seated at tables for ten was a perfect storm of poor acoustics. The wooden dance floor from end to end, metal and prefab structures, and the decorated ceiling bore no evidence of buffering in a room that was as tight as a refrigerator with its door closed. Read more

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Hearing aids are now so sophisticated that they have features hardly anyone but audiologists are aware of, much less understand. Most of us just want to put them on and be able to hear, but like any device, the more you know the more you can benefit. This is as true of hearing aids as it is of smartphones and computers. In fact, the latest hearing aids are mini-computers. Read more

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We are excited to share the following video clip, recorded at the FTC’s Now Hear This: Competition, Innovation, and Consumer Protection Issues in Hearing Health Care. In the video the executive directors of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology and the Hearing Loss Association of America, Stephanie Czuhajewski and Barbara Kelley (respectively) discuss, the leading independent hearing health resource for consumers with hearing loss. Read more