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Great news for those who have requested a paper-based survey option. We have fulfilled your request! Now you can encourage your less technically-savvy patients to complete the paper survey and mail it to Hearing Tracker from home. Alternatively they can complete the survey in your clinic and you can mail or scan it back to us at, where we will manually add the results to your dashboard.

The completely refreshed ticket dashboard


Now you have the option of creating a web ticket – which provides instructions for your patient to complete the survey online – or a paper survey. If you do send your patient home with a paper survey, we recommend including a stamped / addressed envelope to help encourage completion. If your patient wants to receive complimentary batteries from Hearing Tracker, they will need to include a return address. If they wish to keep the survey results anonymous they should send in the survey with no return address.

To see what the new survey looks like, check out this Sample Paper Survey

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