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Phonak Audeo B Direct Bluetooth Android

Update: See our updated listing for the Phonak Audeo B Direct, with reviews.

A recent FCC filing (below) confirms that Phonak has developed a full-blown Bluetooth LE chip, which should enable connecting natively to any Bluetooth device, including Android phones, iPhones, Bluetooth-enabled computers, etc.

This is huge news for Phonak. Anyone following the industry knows that consumers have been dying for a universal Bluetooth solution. Made For iPhone hearing aids, such as the Oticon Opn and ReSound LiNX, have been a huge hit, but millions of Android-users have been waiting patiently for their time to come, and now it looks like the solution is finally here.

Many in the industry expect more details to be released about the Phonak Audeo B Direct this week. We’re expecting a swift product rollout, so these new devices should be available in hearing clinics nationwide soon.

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Phonak Audeo B Direct

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