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Tracking your outcomes with Hearing Tracker is simple and free. After your patient has completed their hearing aid trial, proceed to Hearing Tracker and select the model of hearing aids and enter patient’s audiogram (500/1000/2000/4000Hz at minimum). Hearing Tracker will generate a PDF with simple instructions for your patient, so that they may complete the review from the comfort and anonymity of home.

The instructions will ask the patient to enter a special 6-digit code into Hearing Tracker. Once they have completed this Hearing Tracker will connect your patient with a survey with the following questions:

Review Questions

Once the review has been completed you will be instantly alerted about the review, and will see the new review added into your own personal dashboard. Here is a sample dashboard which includes

  • Your Top Models
  • Top Brands by Score
  • Top Brands by Volume
  • Your Stats (local and global ranking)
  • Rating Trend (are your ratings improving?)
  • Recent Fitting Comments

It should also be noted that your hearing aid reviews may be public or private. If you select the public option, your fitting outcomes will be publicly displayed. The private option hides your outcomes from the public, but you still receive the benefit of seeing your outcomes on your own dashboard.

If you are a practice manager and wish to gain useful information about the fitting outcomes of your staff audiologists, Hearing Tracker can help you. You may ask permission to follow any audiologist on Hearing Tracker. Once your staff member approves the request, you may see their live dashboard in addition to your own. We see this as a great solution for managing product-specific training in your practice. By targeting training to weak performing staff members you may see an overall boost in your productivity. You may also discover high performing staff members within your organization who may provide training to other staff.

In addition, you now have a way of rewarding staff for something other than sales volume! This is something every audiologist will love.

I would highly encourage you to get started now with Hearing Tracker, as the more reviews you accumulate the higher you and your practice will rank. We use a Bayesian ranking system which values both the score of reviews and the volume.

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