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The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG) published a new Qualified Listing yesterday for a “Samsung Bluetooth Hearing Aid,” from member company “Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.” The listing was first reported by Android Headlines who also reported that Samsung “applied for the Earcle trademark in South Korea and included references to hearing aids in this product documentation.”

We predicted the release of the Samsung hearing aid back in June, but had few details at the time. We speculated that the device might be marketed as a “personal sound amplification product (PSAP),” rather than a hearing aid, which is a more tightly regulated class of device (at least in the US). The Bluetooth SIG’s Qualified Listing may shed some light on this given that the words “Hearing Aid” are included in the product’s design description, but this may have been a classification oversight.

Samsung Hearing Aid Bluetooth SIG

Unfortunately this looks like a case of wait-and-see, as Samsung has been quiet about further product details. Given a possible hearing aid arms race between Samsung and Apple, things could get very interesting over the next few months.

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