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SnowOwl – The First Wearable Built On The Award Winning Clementine Wear Platform

On September 6, a new wearable, the SnowOwl launched on the IndieGoGo platform. It reached 200% of its funding goal within the first 24 hours and by reaching its ‘fully-funded-within-24 hours’ milestone, SnowOwl briefly acquired ‘Trending’ status on the Indiegogo website, gaining more traction and momentum along its way. This year the only way to get a SnowOwl will be via IndieGoGo or via Audiology offices connected to the Clementine program that have supported this crowdfunding campaign. Recently, Clementine Wear was awarded the #1 place in the National Hearables Challenge, organized by the National Science Foundation.

Tackling Noisy Situations

The SnowOwl is a great product for people that occasionally have issues understanding speech-in-noise. This will occur mostly in noisy environments like restaurant, bar or party. As a wearable, you can carry it on your wrist, put it on a table, and clip it to your clothes. SnowOwl and the wristband both have a magnet; this allows you to rotate the device a full 360 degrees. Here is what makes it a truly unique product: it has four low-noise digital microphones, a very powerful digital chip, full Bluetooth, rechargeable, and all tasks and settings can be controlled via the easy to use Clementine app that you can freely download for IOS or Android.

SnowOwl also has many different audio functions, all accessible via the app. You can set acoustic directionality, filter out unwanted noise, change volume, adjust for different situations, measure noise, and many more features. SnowOwl is compatible with the revolutionary Line-1 noise-suppression system. This is a true and patented innovation that originates from a team of top audiological researchers at the famous VU University of Amsterdam. Line-1 has proven scientifically to offer most people (regardless if they were tested for a hearing loss or not) a drastic improvement in their ability to understand speech in noisy situations. Some users have described it like “putting a blanket over the noise while preserving the speech”. It even works at distances of over 10 feet, sometimes even up to 30 feet away (in noise). SnowOwl can be used with wired earbuds, earphones or headphones or with Bluetooth wireless sets. It uses Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy with the special Aptx low-latency add-on.

Clementine App and Clementine Wear

SnowOwl has 8 acoustic preference settings for the left ear and right ear, separately. You can choose the optimal setting via the Clementine app and program it into the SnowOwl. There are multiple ways to self-select settings, one way is via a self-administered hearing screening in the Clementine App. The best way however is via a Clementine connected hearing health provider who can do a full clinical hearing test. For users that suspect they may have a hearing loss, acquiring a proper diagnosis from a qualified hearing health expert is the best path to take. Products like the SnowOwl, and other products integrated with the Clementine platform, are intended to bring the new generation of affordable hearables and wearables into hearing health offices. This allows providers to assist you with their expertise in health and optimal hearing. In time, your hearing condition might change, and being in the good care of a qualified hearing health provider means that you can receive optimal assistance whatever your hearing situation requires.

As mentioned, the SnowOwl is fully integrated with the free Clementine App. But there is something more: Clementine Wear. The Award winning Clementine Wear, current version 2.0, is the part that controls the digital chip and lets it perform all the audio functions. This platform can be used for many different types of personalized audio devices. Basically, any manufacturer can base new to develop products on this platform. So you can expect many more products to be released in the near future that run on Clementine Wear and can be used with the Clementine app.

How to Purchase [Secret Perks]

The fastest and most affordable way to receive the SnowOwl is as backer of the IndieGogo campaign. Perks that include a SnowOwl start as low as U$ 125. Especially for followers of Hearing Tracker, the SnowOwl IndieGogo campaign has a secret perk that gives you a SnowOwl for as little as $115. If you are a hearing provider interested in carrying this unique next generation wearable into your practice, you can order one of the provider packages; again, visiting Hearing Tracker will give you an instant benefit of an additional 5% off SnowOwl. The company behind the SnowOwl, Samplified Audio, consists of a team of experienced audiological researchers and audio product developers in Europe, Canada and the USA. The SnowOwl has a suggested Retail Price of $349 and will be available in selected hearing health channels by Spring 2018.

Mark Kaal

Mark Kaal

CEO of Samplified Audio, developer of the Snow Owl and Clementine Wear

Christopher Schweitzer, PhD

Audiology Advisor to Samplified Audio

Disclosure: This article was submitted by the authors named above as a sponsored article. The product featured in this piece was reviewed by the team at Hearing Tracker and met our quality guidelines. 

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