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We recently introduced a number of major enhancements to help you promote your practice on Hearing Tracker.  We’ll take you through each section of the new provider profile, to help you get the most from the upgrades.

Social Media Integration on Hearing Tracker

1. Hearing Tracker Badges

Hearing Tracker Award Badges

Underneath your name and title, you will find 3 badges, including Comprehensive Clinical Protocol, Hearing Tracker Excellence Award, and Hearing Tracker Verified Provider. Badges are initially grayed out, indicating that the badge has not been awarded. Awarded badges will be in full color, with a completion date.

How to obtain Hearing Tracker Badges:

  • The Comprehensive Clinical Protocol badge is obtained by successfully completing our new clinical protocol survey (You must be signed in to complete the survey).
  • The Hearing Tracker Excellence badge is awarded to providers maintaining a score of 90% or above, with at least 10 patient reviews.
  • To become a Hearing Tracker Verified Provider, we ask that you send us a de-identified copy of a patient file, to be cross-checked against your clinical protocol. Additional verification may be requested.

2. Social Media Integration

Google+ and Facebook Social Boxes on Hearing Tracker

On the right-hand side of the profile page, we have added large social media boxes from Google+ and Facebook. Adding social media boxes for your practice is a quick and easy way to build likes and follows for your company pages.

We have designed these to be easily customizable for your practice. Simple browse to “Edit Profile” using the navigation bar and enter the links to your company pages!


Once you have finished entering the links, click the “Update Profile” button, and you will see the social boxes automatically appear on your provider profile page.

Now consumers browsing your Hearing Tracker page will be able to “like” or “follow” your company page without even needing to leave your profile. The Facebook like box helps to encourage new likes by displaying photos of Facebook friends who also like the company.

3. Google Map Integration

When we upgraded the provider profile, we also made it possible for providers to work at multiple practices (this was a highly requested feature).  To make this work as seamlessly as possible for consumers, we needed to upgrade to the most recent version of Google Maps, which provides a navigation bar for multiple map markers. In this image, the user may click on the markers to the right to relocate the position of the map. Bonus: If the consumer clicks on your contact number from their phone,  your number will automatically be loaded into their dialer.

Google Maps for Hearing Tracker

We have also added full support for Google Street View.

Google Street View for Hearing Tracker

4. Clinical Services

Another brand new feature!  It’s easier than ever to add your clinical services, and display them right on your provider profile. Simple browse to “Edit Profile” using the navigation bar, and click on the services you provide. After you update your services, your profile will be shown to consumers searching for providers by service.

Hearing Tracker Provider Clinical Services List

5. Patient Reviews

We’ve made it much easier for consumers to browse your patient reviews. Here are a few reviews borrowed from our first Hearing Tracker Excellence Award winner, Lisa Goulart:

Hearing Aid Reviews and Audiologist Reviews

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