Your Hearing – Use it or Lose It

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What you give up when you lose your hearing can be different for everyone, but the things you will miss most are conversations, sounds and the feelings you get in return from them. Some familiar examples may include laughter with your family, discussing politics, listening to your favorite music, and watching crimes being solved on a TV show like NCIS

Soundhawk Review for Hearing Loss – Expert Analysis II

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Last month we posted our analysis of the Soundhawk’s performance in a hearing aid test box. If you didn’t have a chance to read the review (and don’t have time now), here’s the bullet-point summary of the results:

The Soundhawk provides amplification successfully through a range of pitches important for understanding speech
The directional microphone system provides some signal-to-noise enhancement in the pitches that matter – works best in the “Indoor” setting
We are seeing 5-7dB of noise reduction for steady state noises between 50-70dB
The wireless mic system works well in quiet and in noise