Hearing Aid Reviews – Real Consumer Feedback

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Searching for genuine consumer-generated hearing aid reviews online can be frustrating. Just try Googling “hearing aid reviews” sometime – if you haven’t already. You’ll find a number of hearing aid “buying guides,” from the likes of AARP, Mayo Clinic, Consumer Affairs, and more. While we highly recommend familiarizing yourself with a reputable buying guide before purchasing hearing aids, we’re also disappointed with Google’s poor delivery. Where are the hearing aid reviews?

Finding a Good Audiologist

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The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) recently invited us to do a webinar on best practice hearing care. We covered a number of topics, including: The problem with hearing care, What to look for in a hearing provider, Understanding hearing aid features, How to improve your care with Hearing Tracker

Increase Traffic to your Hearing Provider Profile Page

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Aside from making your profile more attractive, adding a photo and bio helps your provider profile rank better on Google Google places higher value on pages with original creative content. Google sees the photo and bio as original creative content. Your photo and bio help to generate more informative search results, which increases the chances that consumers click on your link in the Google results. When writing your bio, please consider using keywords that consumers may search Read more