Signia Pure 13 BT Detailed Hearing Aid Review

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The words that come to mind when describing the Pure 13 BT are: rugged and sturdy. The shell seems strong enough to sustain the accidental drop, exposure to the elements, or an active lifestyle. It does come with the option to use domes or molds for the receiver in the ear. The degree of hearing loss is likely the determining factor on the most appropriate option for you.

Security of Internet-Connected Hearing Aids

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Hearing Aid technology has evolved tremendously in the last 20 years. I bought my first hearing aids in 1996, and the big hype back then was that they were the first digital hearing aids on the market and that they were CICs (Completely-in-the-Canal). It was a major milestone to not only create a hearing aid that was minature, but also digital.

Oticon Opn Internet-Connected Hearing Aids Offer More Than Amplification

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When Oticon announced that its new OpnTM hearing aids would connect users to “the Internet of Things,” a lot of people scratched their heads. Many didn’t yet know exactly what the “IoT” was, much less what it might have to do with hearing aids.

The concept is simple: the Opn hearing aids connect to the internet through an iPhone utilizing the new Oticon ON app. The hearing aids then interact with and trigger other internet-connected devices using the new IFTTT (If This Then That) protocol.

Oticon Takes a Stand Against Online Hearing Aid Sales

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Oticon’s new Opn hearing aids were recently discovered for sale online for a conspicuously low price. While we’d rather not divulge the exact price, we can confirm that the direct-to-consumer cost was so low that some practicing audiologists reported paying the same amount to purchase in their own hearing aid stock.