Oticon Opn Internet-Connected Hearing Aids Offer More Than Amplification

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When Oticon announced that its new OpnTM hearing aids would connect users to “the Internet of Things,” a lot of people scratched their heads. Many didn’t yet know exactly what the “IoT” was, much less what it might have to do with hearing aids.

The concept is simple: the Opn hearing aids connect to the internet through an iPhone utilizing the new Oticon ON app. The hearing aids then interact with and trigger other internet-connected devices using the new IFTTT (If This Then That) protocol.

Oticon Takes a Stand Against Online Hearing Aid Sales

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Oticon’s new Opn hearing aids were recently discovered for sale online for a conspicuously low price. While we’d rather not divulge the exact price, we can confirm that the direct-to-consumer cost was so low that some practicing audiologists reported paying the same amount to purchase in their own hearing aid stock.

Hearing Aid Reviews – Real Consumer Feedback

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Searching for genuine consumer-generated hearing aid reviews online can be frustrating. Just try Googling “hearing aid reviews” sometime – if you haven’t already. You’ll find a number of hearing aid “buying guides,” from the likes of AARP, Mayo Clinic, Consumer Affairs, and more. While we highly recommend familiarizing yourself with a reputable buying guide before purchasing hearing aids, we’re also disappointed with Google’s poor delivery. Where are the hearing aid reviews?