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Phonak is the first to release rechargeable hearing aids across an entire family of behind-the-ear devices. This means rechargeable solutions for their latest Belong™ processing platform are now available for children and adults, and for almost any degree of hearing loss. With their new wireless CROS B-R, Phonak has even provided a rechargeable solution for those suffering from single-sided deafness. Read more

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A new generation of rechargeable battery technologies promises to make life easier for hearing aid consumers in 2017. When two new rechargeable hearing aid models and an innovative new retrofit rechargeable battery system hit the market in late 2016, consumers finally got a choice of options as easy and convenient to charge as your cell phone. Read more

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Consumers are warming up to the idea of using rechargeable hearing aid batteries in place of the disposable zinc-air batteries required by most modern hearing devices. According to a recent Hearing Tracker survey, new rechargeable technologies – that provide longer battery life in smaller packages – are leading many hearing aid consumers to consider making the switch. Read more

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Anyone who owns a cellphone can’t be faulted for assuming most hearing aids are powered by rechargeable batteries. You don’t have to buy a new disposable battery and throw out the old one every time your cellphone battery dies, do you? Of course not – you plug your phone in at night and simply recharge it for another day of use. Read more