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The Hearing Loss Association – Lakeland Chapter is launching a new program to offer the gift of hearing. This program will collect, inspect, clean, repair and donate hearing aids to those who need hearing assistance and are financially challenged. The Lakeland program is superior to many other hearing aid donation programs, in the sense that it provides more than just a hearing aid to those in need. The new program will offer everything needed to get new hearing aid users off the ground, including new ear molds, expert fitting and adjustment, a one-year supply of free hearing aid batteries, and ongoing professional support (including aural rehabilitation).  Prospective recipients must agree to attend free aural rehabilitation classes and are required to return for follow-up services. Reciprocal contributions of money and/or services (from recipients) will be encouraged and appreciated by the organization, but are not required.

This program is currently in a proof-of-concept phase, with all the costs being covered by the Lakeland Chapter, and audiological support from Lakeland-area hearing professionals.  Should this program be successful, sponsorship and donation will be required to continue the program.  At this time, hearing aid recipients are required to reside in the Lakeland, Florida, area.

Information about how to donate new or used hearing aids can be found on the chapter’s website. Monetary donations are also accepted


Hearing Tracker, Inc. has donated a pair of Resound hearing aids and a supply of batteries to help get this program off the ground. We would encourage our readers to do the same!

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