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Widex BeyondTM hearing aids may have come late to the Made-for-iPhone party, but users accustomed to Widex’s unique approach to sound quality should find them well worth the wait.

Widex hearing aids have traditionally been the preferred choice for musicians and others seeking superior sound quality. Widex’s newest hearing aid, Beyond, promises to meet consumers’ expectations on sound quality, while also delivering iPhone connectivity, telecoil support, and compatibility with all of Widex’s proprietary wireless devices.


Sound Quality for Audiophiles

“Widex BeyondTM provides the cleanest sound of any hearing aid in the industry – even while streaming,” the company said. Beyond’s audio is driven by independent channel separation, minimal delay filters, and four analog-to-digital converters, while streaming audio is improved by up-sampling of the wireless stream and high input dynamic range. For more information on streaming audio quality: Wireless Streaming: Sound Quality Comparison Among MFi Hearing Aids.

Previous marketing from Widex (for the Dream hearing aids) is a testament to how seriously Widex takes audiophiles and musicians.

Extra Connectivity 

Like other Made-for-iPhone hearing aids, Widex Beyond lets you stream music and phone calls wirelessly into your hearing aids. But Widex also differentiates its new hearing aids with new TRI-LINK™ technology enabling multiple connectivity options. TRI-LINK™ includes the following three connectivity solutions:

  1. Direct audio and call streaming from iPhones through PURE-LINK™
  2. Compatibility with telecoil-compatible telephones and hearing loops
  3. WidexLink™ – Compatibility with the full suite of wireless products in the Widex DEX series as well as InterEar communication, or connectivity between hearing aids.

Widex Beyond Components

Mobile App Navigates Challenging Listening Environments

The mobile app that comes with Beyond™ hearing aids can be customized to adjust various sound settings and listening programs to suit wearers’ individual preferences. It has a user-friendly interface that employs the familiar swipe function to enable quick navigation through various options.

In addition to controlling streaming options, the app provides Preference Control settings for multiple listening environments such as noisy cocktail parties, lectures, concerts, or quiet conversations.  Widex Soft Level Noise Reduction—a purification algorithm that analyzes the modulation distinctions between soft speech and ambient environmental noise—allows soft speech sounds to be heard while bothersome soft noises are reduced.  And a sound equalizer lets the user further customize settings for challenging environments.

Widex Beyond App

Low Power Consumption Means Fewer Batteries to Change

Widex also claims its new power management technology “has the lowest current consumption of any made-for-iPhone streaming hearing aid in the industry.” The company says the new hearing aids use an average of less than 2 mA of battery consumption in daily use while streaming 25 percent of the time. Note: Data below produced internally by Widex.

Widex Beyond Battery Consumption

Less power consumption means fewer batteries to change—another important technology improvement designed with the premium hearing aid user in mind. We’re hoping that the next major upgrade to the Widex product lineup will be a rechargeable battery solution for environmentally-conscious consumers. At present Widex does not offer a rechargeable version of its Beyond hearing aid, and Widex Beyond is not currently supported by the retrofit rechargeable hearing aid company ZPower.

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