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Hearing Aid Reviews

Resound linx 9

02 April 2016
These devices have changed my life because I can now do things I used to do when I was in my twenties!

I can hear music clearer than I have in years and the iPhone link up is the best thing I've ever experienced with hearing aids.

Taking calls in the street... Adjusting the volume and the... [ Read More ]

Provider Reviews

Chris stone hearing clinic
Chris Stone, HND
02 April 2016
After visiting many providers over the years I was very fortunate to meet chris and his team.

The assessment process took a lot longer than I had expected but it meant I was far more thoroughly assessed than ever before.

They included maximum speech tests and a very particular speech in noi... [ Read More ]

Clinic Reviews

The Hearing Clinic UK
20 May 2016
Survey Results Below [ Read More ]