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Anthony B. Member in Union, New Jersey

About Anthony B.

My hearing loss is due to encephalitis. Brain swelling from an infection. This apparently damaged my hearing nerve. I have only had hearing loss for a few months and just started wearing HAs. I'm getting more adjusted to the HAs as well as managing my hearing loss for my lifestyle. I have two small children and work in the insurance industry so verbal communication is a must for me.

I have reverse ski slope hearing loss which apparently is hard to manage from an audiologist stand point due to its rarity. Costco is where I bought my HAs from and I couldn't see myself getting the value for the HAs nor the included services anywhere else. Becoming more knowledgable about hearing loss and mitigation strategies is a main focus of mine going forward.

Hearing Aid Reviews

Bernafon acriva
The hearing aids are also known as the Bernafon Juna 9. They are an excellent value at $2600 a pair at Costco with Soindgate included. I've had them for a few weeks at this point and plan on keeping them.

The good:

They are very comfortable and nearly invisible.
The price at Costco is ve... [ Read More ]
Binax pure

24 April 2016
Good for speech in noise. Not so good on the phone. Not good for low frequency loss IMO. [ Read More ]
Oticon opn black

27 July 2016
I am currently wearing the Oticon OPNs only for a few days. I was previously wearing Bernafon Juna 9s for 4 months. The OPNs are a huge improvement IMO. I would also like to mention that I have a reverse-slope (low frequency) hearing loss and these are working very well for me. The improvement ov... [ Read More ]

Provider Reviews

Me color
Craig T. Barth, MA
03 January 2017
Very good listener. Answered some lingering questions I had about my hearing. Also offered to update the firmware on my hearing aids free of charge (purchased elsewhere). Overall very pleased with his service. [ Read More ]

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