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Hearing Aid Reviews

Milo sp

27 July 2016
I have always preferred Phonak as I am severely impaired. Deaf L ear and very little R ear. My Audiologist Scott Frink knows just what I need after almost 30 years working with his office.I started with his Dad and Scott now takes care of my hearing. I have traveled far and wide assisting my Moth... [ Read More ]

Provider Reviews

Scot frink
I have been going to his families business for almost 30 years. "Scott" is the most patient, kind and actually handsome, professional Audiologst. I don't know why I would ever see any other. Scott researches what is up and coming and informs me. Scott never cuts corners. When you are evalutated y... [ Read More ]

Clinic Reviews

Salem Audiology Clinic
27 July 2016
When Salem Audiology Clinic was new it was a bright new spot in Salem, Oregon. The fact that Salem Audiology remains where it is and keeps up their clinic is wonderful to me.It is like going home and feels so right. You might want an upscale fancy shmancy office where the overhead insures they wi... [ Read More ]