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Hearing Aid Reviews

Baha 5 superpower
Quickly adopting and adjusting to various sounds that were non existent before due to wearing under powered spectacles bone conduction hearing aids. Clarity of sound particularly speech has markedly improved. From past experience it will take approximately a month to completely adjust to sounds a... [ Read More ]

Provider Reviews

Lisa Goulart, BA
02 August 2016
I found Lisa to be not only professional but very passionate in her relation with me as her client. She is the best Audiologist that I have experienced and I have had a number of these over my life time. She not only listens but provides solutions as well as explaining very clearly about what she... [ Read More ]

Clinic Reviews

Goulart Hearing
02 August 2016
Pleasant surroundings as well as very personable support staff who were attentative. Most times was seen at the appointed time and only waited once when she had a difficult client before seeing me. [ Read More ]