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Hearing Aid Reviews


16 August 2016
These hearing aids have changed my life, performing head and shoulders over my old hearing aids. Finally, I can hear every word someone speaks, and I feel like I have recovered a sense that I'd lost. The uDirect device, to aid my phone conversations and to adjust volume, further enhances my abi... [ Read More ]

Provider Reviews

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Elise Gregoire, AuD
16 August 2016
Dr. Gregoire is attentive, knowledgeable, personable and kind. She immediately came up with adjustments that provided more clarity to my hearing, she is obviously very familiar with new and changed technology, and she performed the most thorough hearing test I have ever had. I had some question... [ Read More ]

Clinic Reviews

The office is located on a main street, and very easy to find. The space itself is tastefully decorated, welcoming and clean. I especially liked the fact that all the rooms are "live" sound-wise, so it's very easy to simulate experiences one would have with possible interference of many sounds,... [ Read More ]