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Hearing Aid Reviews

Oticon opn black

24 September 2016
My background: I'm a 30+ year HA wearer with 80dB loss in both ears, so I definitely walk the walk. I've previously used Phonak and Oticon aids, so I was interested in exploring Widex as well as newer Oticon releases. I have finished Week One of a 2-week trial with the Oticon Opn miniRITE aids. M... [ Read More ]
Phonak audeo b direct

02 December 2018
I've had these Audeo B-Direct aids for over a year now, but already have an app't to trial the new Phonak Marvel aids. The simple reason why is for stereophonic streaming on my Android phone. I resigned myself to the B-Direct with its streaming to ONE ear only because all other features and benef... [ Read More ]