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VA Service Connected; USAF 24 years, HAs since 1980

Current VA HAs:

Phonak Audeo B90-R RIC, ComPilot II, TVLink II

Previous HAs:

Phonak Naida S IX xP CRT w/ ComPilot & TVLink S

Starkey S Series iQ Directional RIC AP 312


Starkey SA T9 CICs

Starkey SA C8 Full Shell (1st VA aids)

Widex SENSOs (Company Ins)

Zenith BTEs (AF Issued)

Hearing Aid Reviews

Phonak audeo b r

06 December 2017
June 2018 update: Everything continues to be excellent. No problems with the HAs or associated devices. Very pleased thus far!

Besides the rechargeable aspect that I love, the improvement over my previous Naida RIC aids is significantly noticeable!

I got the battery pack for the charger a... [ Read More ]