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Hearing Aid Reviews

Unitron n moxi fit

28 October 2016
Following conversations in crowd noise is a huge plus. As is hearing the director's voice and distant musicians in rehearsal and performance. And understanding TV actors with poor diction. My remote control lets me discreetly turn up my ears to hear, say, a whispered conversation, or down to take... [ Read More ]

Provider Reviews

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Carol Bass, MS
28 October 2016
I strongly recommend Carol Bass and All Ears Audiology of Ithaca. She knows her stuff and recommends what you need. She told me about hearing aids that had fancier features (for more money, of course), but sold me a level down, and I'm very happy with them. I could have bought these aids on line ... [ Read More ]

Clinic Reviews

I needed help for very ordinary hearing loss, due to age and wear and tear. The hearing aids I got are wonderful, comfortable, and expertly calibrated to my needs. Settings I encounter as a musician, or in crowds, or watching TV are no longer problematic. I feel back in the world now. [ Read More ]