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Hearing Aid Reviews

05 February 2017
Well, in the past I've always used the headphones to listen to music, but it was quite confining because I couldn't move as far as I wanted. The hearing aids helped immensely, filling my wishes. They let me go anywhere I want and it's really a confidence booster. When I didn't have any, my ears ...

Provider Reviews

Dr toriblomquist large
Tori Blomquist, MS
05 February 2017
She really did a lot for me and one of biggest is giving me helpful directions when I was lost. She helped me when she gave me hearing aids and I was happy, my mood uplifted from the generosity, in sense where I got my hearing back. She always attuned to my desires. She has exceeded my expectatio... [ Read More ]

Clinic Reviews

Salem Audiology Clinic
05 February 2017
Few turns of streets and I'm right there. It's not far at all. The place's really friendly and there's a television with telecoil and I always set it to program T for it, which is perfect when you're waiting. [ Read More ]