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Hearing Aid Reviews

Starkey muse micro ric 312t
Some of my ratings are inappropriate because I'm trying a demo set for a few days, and comparing them to my older Oticon Agil instruments. I'm not hearing significant improvement, and the controls -- both the buttons on the instruments and the "SurfLink 2" remote -- are significantly less useful ... [ Read More ]

Provider Reviews

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Cheryl Morehouse
13 March 2017
I've dealt directly with Cheryl for years and have been quite satisfied; more recently she has associates, and their service varies in quality. [ Read More ]

Clinic Reviews

Cheryl is the best thing about the service, and she responds fully and informatively to email questions, and when I deal with her individually I find her extremely good. I have been less impressed with her colleagues: they have been okay, and I'd recommend them, but not quite so enthusiastically. [ Read More ]