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Hearing Aid Reviews


17 April 2017
Sent these off to Chris Harmon in Topeka, Kansas, for reprogramming, my hearing has gotten worse over the years. He did a great job, very fast, extremely courteous and kept in touch at all times. My hearing is so bad that I have to look at my wife when she speaks so I can read her lips, it real... [ Read More ]

Provider Reviews

Chris Harmon
17 April 2017
I sent these to Chris in Topeka, Kansas, for reprogramming. He was polite, courteous and kept in touch at all times. He said that if I need them reprogramming later on if my hearing gets worse just sent him an email. Can't say enough good things about Chris, wish there were more people like hi... [ Read More ]

Clinic Reviews

Chris at Beltone did a great job. [ Read More ]