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I am 68 years old and have been struggling with hearing loss over the last five years.  I have avoided large groups of people, places with music, movies and many other social events because of my hearing loss.   I often times stay out of conversations rather than admit that I can't hear what's being said. I am so excited to have my new iHearMax  hearing aids. I am now able to hear all of the verbal conversation even with loud background noise.  I can't believe how comfortable and quiet they are and how clear sounds are.  Being able to hear well makes me feel years younger ( and my husband is thrilled that I don't have to  continually ask him to repeat everything)!

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Ihear max

28 April 2017

Terri Rathbun
Apr 27, 7:03 PM PDT

I am very excited about the performance of my iHear Max hearing aids. After doing extensive research online and reading about the research and development of this product, I decided to try them before spending more money on another product. I also ordered ... [ Read More ]