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88 year old with severe HL.  Hearing damaged from working around jet aircraft for 10 years in the '50s.  Worn HA for 25+ years - now on 5th set - these are ReSound with all the bells & whistles - & they're great!

Hearing Aid Reviews

Linx2 rie 88 13

22 June 2017
Assistive Listening Devices - remote & phone Mike - less reliable than HAs. [ Read More ]

Provider Reviews

Margie Houston, AuD
22 June 2017
The deal clincher was the in-the-ear testing! After the initial hearing tests & the in the ear tests, she programed the new Resound aids and turned them on for the first time, and have never had to be changed one iota! What a deal! Love it! Too bad, though - still have problems with noisy ... [ Read More ]

Clinic Reviews

The House of Hearing
22 June 2017
They're great! [ Read More ]