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Hearing Aid Reviews

Alta bte 13

18 December 2014
Good hearing aid - Generally, a robust, nice hearing aid that works very reliably and well. I cannot hear human voice without hearing aids. These aids work great at enabling me to have a pretty regular hearing experience at work and home. So that is impressive power!

One other brand I tried recently, Phonak, ... [ Read More ]

Provider Reviews

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Karen Dale
10 November 2015
Inadequate following of professional procedures - Provider ran multiple OAEs for newborn (which should not be done). Provider could not get results off of her computer, and when a records request obtained the data, other Audiologists told me that the results showed inaccurately performed OAEs. Bad practices delayed medical care for infant. [ Read More ]
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Alexandra Tully, MA
10 November 2015
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Clinic Reviews

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20 May 2016
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