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I have sensorineural hearing loss brought on by being around loud music. This included several years of being on the road with arena bands plus being a musician. I regret not protecting my hearing but the damage is done. Now I'm faced with a constant struggle to hear. Whether it's speech in noise (the worst), or just people who speak softly, I have a hard time hearing clearly. In addition to my hearing loss, I have tinnitus which is annoying and distracting to living. I got my first set of aids six years ago. They were Oticon Delta RIC and while they helped me hear, I found that I was very self-conscience about wearing the aids. One day after teaching a class, I removed the aids and put them away. I never found them again. At that point I was so frustrated with losing my aids and not being able to hear that I decided not to replace them. So I went for a year, struggling to catch bits and pieces of conversations. Trying to hear what is being said can be exhausting if you are hearing impaired. These days I'm no longer self-conscience about wearing aids, I just want to be able to hear what people are saying.

Now that I'm retired, I'm looking for the best value in hearing aids. Hearing aids sold by audiologists are so overpriced. Given the advances in microprocessors, battery and Bluetooth technology, hearing aids should be priced around $1k a pair not $5k. Costco at least makes an attempt to get the prices down. Prices here in Mexico are still reflective of the dominance of audiologists and the HA industry. My current aids are now three years old and while still working fine I am already researching the next pair.   

Hearing Aid Reviews

Virto q nano

29 December 2014
Decent Value - I have worn these aids for over a year now. This model does well in environments where noise is not too much of an issue. But the occasional visit to a busy restaurant will make you wish you had spent the extra money on a more advanced model. I think this model is good for watching TV at home or ... [ Read More ]
V 13

18 February 2015
A Sound Investment - Before I purchased these devices, I was wearing Phonak Nano Q 50 CIC. It began to be apparent to me that having my ear canals plugged up was not giving me the best hearing abilities. A few years ago I had a pair of Delta Oticon's RIC that worked well for my loss. However, I managed to lose them a... [ Read More ]