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I suppose I'm a fairly average aging man. I don't wear the hearing aids as much as I should... Mostly I don't think about them much.      if I could afford better HA's I would probably try to get some. I'm a former athletic person in good shape, and have enjoyed much in life. I'm somewhat defeated by age, I don't have the desire or stamina to do the things I Love. I have unfulfilled expectations for myself in life, as I wend my way through the Doctors & Defeats served up in  a continual parade. In spite of this description, I do manage to keep an upbeat attitude & am very grateful for the blessings of my life... Especially the Blessing of a wonderful wife, who's my saving grace! We've been together forty years, & she"s a Saint & the best model I know, of how to accept all aspects of life! There have been many quite fantastic adventures in paradise! I'm an old man with a young man's mind sometimes. I truly count my Blessings every day, Iv'e led an adventurous lifestyle & have no regrets (not many) I suppose that's a review of my life. The more I think about it the more grateful I feel, for the good friends that  have managed to put up with me & the times we've had our backs against the wall, wondering "How are we gonna get out of this one? or "Boy I'm glad we managed to get into a cool deal like this one has been. What you will get out of my meandering stories is beyond me! Good Luck...! Most friends have passed away one way or another, it makes the vagaries of age all the more bittersweet & helps make a guy press on through the fog!!  


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Hearing Aid Reviews

30 August 2017
They help me hear generally, I was encouraged to go with the Costco H.A.s because it was my first experience with hearing aids. I believe that was a reasonable suggestion. I'm grateful for the HA Forum, the feedback has been very valuable!