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I am in my mid 40's and just started wearing hearing aids. I have had hearing loss (due to loud noise, rock concerts most likely) for some time but never knew how bad it was until I had it corrected. A family friend who is a retired audiologist urged me to have my hearing tested and try hearing aids. I can't thank him enough!

Hearing Aid Reviews

Oticon opn black

12 September 2017
I am a first time HA user and first tried Resound Linx 3D custom fit. I had issues where everything sounded very muted, and in a loud restaurant everything was way too loud and I could not hear speech very well. I just traded them in for Oticon OPN1 MiniRTE and love them so far. The open fit make... [ Read More ]

Provider Reviews

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Julie Norin, AuD
12 September 2017
Both Julie and her associate Cecelia Ward were very professional and helpful. This being my first time with hearing aids, they explained everything in great detail that was easy to understand. [ Read More ]

Clinic Reviews

The Hearing and Speech Agency
12 September 2017
The only thing I would want would be more early morning, evening or weekend hours. [ Read More ]