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I'm a Computer science geek who wears hearing aids since the age of five

Hearing Aid Reviews

Alta2 pro minirite
Alta2 Pro MiniRITE - The Alta2 Pro MiniRITE is a continuation of my wearing the Epoq Epoq RITE hearing aids. It improves with binaural hearing, better directional microphones, and improved speech recognition/processing.

The MiniRITE only has a volume up/down button, and does not have a T-Coil. However, with a Str... [ Read More ]
Agil minirite
Oticon Agil Pro - The Agil Pro MiniRITE is a huge step up from the Resound BTEs that I had before. It has improved speech and noise processing to allow recognition of conversations. It also has a smaller form factor and has matching colors with the hair to allow inconspicuous usage. It also uses a new 312 battery... [ Read More ]