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Linx2 rie 62 13
ReSound Linx2 962 Receiver in the Ear performs beyond all expectations! - I have mild to moderate hearing loss, but DID NOT WANT HEARING AIDS. However, the company I worked for had Cigna health insurance and used Amplifon for hearing aids. When our company lost a re-compete for a contract, several of us were not picked up and were going to lose our health insurance so ... [ Read More ]

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Mavis Garrett, AuD
09 November 2015
Hearing Aids at the SPEED OF SOUND! Maico Audiological Services of Newport News, Virginia is absolutely FIRST CLASS! - I learned that Maico Audiological Services was an Amplifon approved provider from my Amplifon representative, David Bailey, on Monday, 10/26/2015 about 4:45 pm. I called them right at 5:00 pm and got their answering machine and left a message telling them that I had Amplifon benefits that were ex... [ Read More ]

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