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Hearing Aid Reviews

08 January 2016
I have worn both the Phonak Naida BTE and this current RIC for about 15 years now. I find the smaller RICs to be much more comfortable. Its a great hearing aid. I, with the assistance of my audiologist, have been able to program them for various situations, including a very sophisticated music pr...
Widex unique fusion ric
I have only been evaluating these for about a month, its a very natural sounding hearing aid and the switching between "soundclasses" is pretty seamless. I wish it had the ability to turn off the back microphones like Phonak, which makes this less effective in noisy situations. The streamer that ... [ Read More ]

Provider Reviews

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Gail Linn, MA
08 January 2016
Gail Linn is the best - Since I have worn hearing aids for 45 years and lived in many places around the East coast of the US, I am in a stronger position than most to recommend an audiologist. Gail and her office are absolutely the finest I've yet to encounter. I cannot recommend her highly enough. [ Read More ]

Clinic Reviews

Potomac Audiology Llc
20 May 2016
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