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Hearing Aid Reviews

Phonak virto b titanium
For my level of hearing loss these new aids have been great! They are not huge, but they pack enough equipment in them to improve the hearing capability in my left ear. I was at the top range in my old aids and it was becoming a problem. I really like the Phonak product line!!! [ Read More ]

Provider Reviews

Salemaud 6
Carol Sayre, AuD
08 March 2018
I think Carol is a great hearing professional. I have worked with her for over ten years and she is always on the lookout for products that will help me with my specific hearing issues. Carol is great and I recommend her to everyone having hearing issues without reservation! [ Read More ]

Clinic Reviews

Salem Audiology Clinic
08 March 2018
I really like working with Salem Audiology Clinic! Their new space in South Salem is very welcoming. I think the thing I like best about them is that hearing aids are what they do, they concentrate on it and do it very well. They offer many brands, are knowledgeable about all of the features o... [ Read More ]