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Hearing aids help me hear what you say, I just wish that they could also help me understand what you mean.

Then there was that time I heard crickets of a summer's night for the first time in 20 years and I wondered what else I had missed along the way...

Hearing Aid Reviews

Resound linx2 62

19 January 2016
ReSound & Apple = Great so far... - I cannot compare ReSound to other hearing aids but I can speak to my experiences with made for Iphone Hearing aids.

I have been using my second pair (Linx 2) for about 9 months. Before that I had Resound Alera. The Aleras were good. I got all the peripherals; bluetooth TV listener, remote... [ Read More ]

Provider Reviews

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Bridget Elliott, AuD
19 January 2016
Bridget Elliott - Bridget Elliott is remarkably patient! I am a demanding consumer, no doubt about it. My guess is that most audiologists don't have to deal with pushing 70 technophiles like me. I had Resound Alera aids that had an app that worked (sometimes) with my Pebble watch. However, the Bluetooth LE was... [ Read More ]

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20 May 2016
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