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Hearing Aid Reviews

Widex beyond fusion ric
My word recognition went from 50% with no hearing aid, to 60% with my old CIC hearing aid to 90% with the Widex in noisy situations. They have helped me tremendously in noisy situations and when I am talking to women and/or children. I don't have any issues with dialogue on the TV and movies no... [ Read More ]

Provider Reviews

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Nichole Kovel, AuD
14 March 2018
Choosing the right audiologist is a very challenging task.
My first, not so successful, attempt ended with a non-optimal set of devices for my particular situation and needs. This resulted in many return trips to the audiologist to make "adjustments" that never really helped.
After a lot of ... [ Read More ]

Clinic Reviews

Very welcoming place. All staff is friendly and professional. Nichole spends a lot of time with each patient. [ Read More ]