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Active member of Lakeland FL HLAA Chapter (40 mile).

Installed DIY hearing loop in home, cottage, 2nd home, car, and small motorhome.

Hear pretty well in quiet. Often understand speech when "My HAs are In My Pocket!". Noise bother me a lot.

"Allergic" to phones!

Hearing Aid Reviews

Beltone legend rie 64

19 March 2016
I've confused many audiologists and hearing aid specialtists. I bought very expensive Beltone made for iPhone about December 1st in Gastonia NC. (Note to self: Don't buy new HAs a few days you migrate to FL!)

I got the MyPal remote microphone. It helps somewhat, when my wife wears it in noise.... [ Read More ]

19 March 2016
I tried StarKey Halos from March 2015 to May. I returned them because the telecoils were oriented wrong for hearing loops. I qualified for a HLAA discount.

I posted my problem on the Yahoo Loop and T-coil forum. There are only one or two postings a day. Within a day there were 20 response. The... [ Read More ]

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Img 9147 katie zayas color e1432761633705
Katie Zayas May, AuD
19 March 2016
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