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Today is not a good day to describe me. I got up this morning missing a hearing aid. My cat sleeps with me and I was paralyzed by the thought she had swallowed the one I leave in the pillow. The aid was no where to be found. I searched both pillow cases twice as well under the bed on the bed you name it. Finally I just got in the car with intention of getting coffee. Did not go far until I came back home. Determined to check bed one more time. I had prayed to please let me find it this time. Not in bed and I had searched pillow cases twice. Picked up one with no belief it was there. As I lifted it up I saw the aid, I had looked at both pillows shams twice nothing there. I am telling you this was a "GOD" thing!! Without a doubt. I give thanks to the good Lord because replacing a hearing aid now is much more expensive than when they were first purchased. If any of you have had this experience you know how I was feeling. May all of you have a blessed day.