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85 year old male on second set of hearing aids, both Phonak. Hearing loss is much more severe in right ear than left.

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Phonak bolero v90 p

29 March 2016
This model is not as ergonomically well-designed as previous model. For example, the new model is not as easy to change batteries and does not have an OFF switch. My expectations for the new model have not been met since I thought the newer technology would have greater enhancements than has p... [ Read More ]

Provider Reviews

Scot frink
Christopher S. Frink, MS
29 March 2016
Provider was helpful and professional. He took plenty of time to understand the unique situation with my condition and to explore alternatives to resolve problems. He continues to try to resolve issues that I have and to make my situation the best possible even though I have not been totally h... [ Read More ]

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