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Eargo Plus

Eargo Plus Direct To Consumer Hearing Aid

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About the Eargo Plus

In Eargo Plus, Eargo has retained Eargo’s original, small design - modeled after the size of a conventional invisible-in-canal (IIC). The company promotes the hearing aid as extremely comfortable using its patented Flexi Fibers. The Flexi Fibers help cushion the hearing aid within the ear canal while using an “open fit” design which allows low frequency sounds to enter the ear unoccluded. The Flexi Fibers are removable and can be changed when ear wax plugs the opening. There is also a secondary ear wax filter beyond the Flexi Fibers which acts as an additional barrier to keep ear wax from plugging the receiver. 

Eargo Plus is designed for people with mild-to-moderate high frequency hearing loss, and has four preset sound profiles. Eargo Plus is currently the only rechargeable IIC type of device on the market. Eargo has designed their own charger - the hearing devices snap securely inside. Once charged, Eargo Plus will operate for about 16 hours per day. 

Upon receiving the hearing devices, the Eargo Plus client will receive a phone consultation from this professional explaining everything about their devices, including daily operation through maintenance and including setting realistic expectations. Eargo Plus purchasers is partnered with a licensed hearing professional during the 45-day trial period   

Upgrades Eargo Plus vs the original Eargo:

  • Enhanced gain and frequency response characteristics to fit a wider range of hearing loss
  • Two layers of ear wax protection with removable Flexi Fibers and a removable HF4 filter
  • Numerous design modifications for increased product reliability
  • Extensive consumer support video library for greater user acceptance
  • Expanded Customer Operations center to provide immediate and personalized support
  • Each client receives a designated Personal Hearing Professional to guide them through the 45-day trial period and beyond  
  • Eargo Plus is now available for purchase in all 50 states 

UPDATE 11/16/2017 - We reached out to Eargo for clarification on some of the upgrades to Eargo Plus:

  • What changes were made to gain and frequency response? We increased the gain specifically in the low to middle frequency region to help people mild low to mid frequency hearing loss. This not only allows Eargo to fit more people but helps current hearing aid users adapt to using our hearing devices. 
  • How does the current wax protection system differ from the previous generation? The previous generation of Eargo only had Flexi Fibers that were glued on and could not be changed. By adding the dual layer of removable wax protection, the instances of Eargo Plus being affected by ear wax issues is minimal.
  • Anything specific you can say about design differences? Basically, the Eargo design was evaluated from every possible angle, and improvements were made with the rechargeable battery, the charger itself, the hearing aid jacket, the microphone, etc. The end result has been thousands of hearing aids and clients helped in 2017 with significantly increased reliability and very few RMAs. 

Eargo Plus Videos

Eargo Plus Hearing Aid Review - 7 Pros and Cons
Eargo Plus Video

Eargo Plus Hearing Aid Review - 7 Pros and Cons

13 December 2017

Dr. Clifford Olson from Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem Arizona, discusses the Pros and Cons of Eargo Plus Hearing Aids in this Pro Review.

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