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About the General Hearing Instruments Simplicity Premier

The General Hearing Instruments (GHI) Simplicity Premier OTE is an over-the-counter hearing aid which is available for purchase online through Sam's Club. GHI appears to also sell the hearing aids under the name Simplicity Smart Touch through a global distribution network of hearing providers and online through Walmart.

The Simplicity hearing aids are reportedly "manufactured in the United States under FDA regulations," and come with feedback suppression, and 4 volume settings. The hearing aids do not have directional microphones (important for hearing in background noise), or telecoils (important for hearing on the phone), and we're not sure whether they have any sort of digital noise suppression. Sam's listing for the Simplicity Premier OTE claims "noise management circuitry" is present, while GHI makes no claims about noise suppression technology on the page for the Simplicity Smart Touch. 

Sam's Club sells the Simplicity Premier OTE (pair) online, without custom programming, for around $719, while Walmart's price is $899 (for the Simplicity Smart Touch).

General Hearing Instruments Simplicity Premier Model Details

General Hearing Instruments Simplicity™ Premier OTE

Direct To Consumer Hearing Aid

General Hearing Instruments SimplicityTM Premier OTE

39 reviews

Release Date: 02 May 2012

The General Hearing Instruments Simplicity Premier OTE has a dedicated volume control, a push button, and uses size 10 hearing aid batteries.

  • Telecoil:
  • Push Button:
  • IP Rating:

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General Hearing Instruments Simplicity Premier Physical Specifications

General Hearing Instruments Simplicity Premier OTE
General Hearing Instruments Simplicity™ Premier OTE

39 reviews

Disposable Batteries Battery Size
Push Button
Volume Control

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General Hearing Instruments Simplicity Premier Technology Details

General Hearing Instruments Simplicity Premier
Price $

38 reviews

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General Hearing Instruments Simplicity Premier Videos

Simplicity Hearing Aids
General Hearing Instruments Simplicity Premier Video

Simplicity Hearing Aids

15 January 2010

"General Hearing Instruments now offers a complete line of non-prescription hearing aids on In-the-ear (canal) and mini...

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General Hearing Instruments Simplicity Premier Reviews

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Anonymous 27 June 2019

I’ve had my ghi hearing aids four months and very happy with results. I would definitely recommend.

Member 14 August 2018

I have only had my hearing aid for three days, but the hearing improvement is amazing! It took me no time at all to get used to wearing it as it is very comfortable - I forget it’s there! The company has been very nice to deal with as they are sending me two larger sizes of tubing to try (I’m a 6’3 man!), which I think will work perfectly. Highly recommend!

Member 14 August 2018

I received my new Simplicity Smart Touch Hearing Aid Pair 3 days ago after ordering them from They arrived 2 days earlier than I was expecting. I watched the video and followed all the instructions and put them in. WOW! I was amazed, and a little overwhelmed, at what I was hearing. My TV was on the regular 68 volume level and it was unbelievably loud. I was able to lower it down to level 36 and still hear words and sounds with great clarity. I have been told for years I had hearing loss but I had no clue as to what I was missing. I have had to remove them a couple times because I was experiencing what I would best classify as sensory overload. I was hearing so much it was as if my brain didn't know what to do with all this new audio information. Understanding what I'm hearing is a fun and new adventure for me. I am also very pleased with the size, weight, and "non appearance" of the hearing aids. I am a bit young I think to be wearing hearing aids, 56 years old, and was a little worried that they would look huge on my ears and make me look old. I am happy to say that they are almost invisible when I wear them and I tend to forget they are in/on my ears. I have put a post-it note on my shower door that says take off your hearing aids as I am good at washing things that should not be washed and don't want to ruin these. I did have a bit of feedback in my right aid and I contacted Readywear Express and the rep, Michael Major, helped me with the issue and is sending me longer tubes so I can get better positioning on the aids to stop the slight feedback. The customer service staff is incredible. Before I bought the pair I had numerous questions about these devices and was very suspicious of the price difference over other aids. The 2 times I contacted Readywear express they were patient, knowledgeable, and professional. I never expected to be buying hearing aids from Walmart. My audiologist was trying to sell me $5000.00 aids but I refused to pay that for a first time product and began the search for something more reasonable. The rep from Readywear, Devin, spent more time with me on the phone explaining my hearing needs and also explaining my hearing test results than the audiologist did. I took a chance and bought the ote Simplicity smart touch pair from I found that they were available at Walmart, Amazon, and Sam's Club but I chose Walmart as they have a 90 satisfaction return policy instead of a 30 day policy. I sincerely doubt that I will be needing a long return policy but it felt like extra "buyers insurance" would give me more peace of mind. This review is a bit long but I felt it proper to let others know that there is no need to spend thousands of dollars to an audiologist when this option is out there for them. I feel that this purchase was a wise and financially responsible decision. I am happy that this company exists and that their product was designed for my particular hearing loss, mid to high freq. hearing loss. My hearing loss is mild to moderate left ear and right is moderate to severe. I believe that turning the volume up on the right ear does compensate for the bit it is out of my hearing loss range. I highly recommend these hearing aids! You can buy from an audiologist but all I think you need them for is a hearing test to find your hearing loss range. My audiologist seemed more like a used car salesman than someone looking out for my well being. These hearing aids are at a fixed price and there is nobody making a sales commision when someone buys them. I recommend you try these BEFORE spending thousands. Thanks, Ray

Member 14 August 2018

Not perfect but just as good as my previous super expensive ones. Great service.

Member 14 August 2018

The hearing aids work great. The only problem has been with the fit in my ear canal. The tubes for the one ear were bent incorrectly. It took from 12/27/17 to 1/9/18 to get a replecenent form the company. Pretty bad service. Might have had something to do with the holidays. I have contacted the company to get smaller domes recently. Will see if it takes that long to get them. If so, I may return them as I will have wasted a lot of time not using them.

Member 14 August 2018

easy to use, almost invisible, works great!!!!

Member 14 August 2018

I am very pleased with my simplicity ote hearing aids, I was wearing the simplicity simply soft in the ear ones for years, but the over the ear are much more comfortable, with no feed back, I forget I'm even wearing them. i'M VERY PLEASED WITH THE PRODUCT AND THE SERVICE, and would highly recommend them!

Ron C
Ron C 14 August 2018

I've had the Simplicity aids for 6 years, although I didn't often use them except for difficult situations like meetings. Now I am wearing then all day. They have been very reliable with only one failure: one micro-poly tube became separated so that the dome and whisker do not withdraw with the aid. I am a little disappointed in the replacement price, $27/pair with a discount including std. shipping.

Member 14 August 2018

Terrible!!!! Have had so much trouble with them.

Member 24 July 2017
I am sorry to hear that you have experienced some problems with your hearing aids. Please call our customer service line at 1-877-763-8327. We would love to help turn your experience around As you can see by the overwhelmingly positive reviews left on this site, as well as those of our distributors, we take pride in the products we manufacture and our customer service. We look forward to hearing from you.
Ronald B
Ronald B 14 August 2018

I purchased these hearing aids for my husband one year ago. He loves them, the devices have helped in all situations professionally and personally. We would highly recommend them.

Mike L
Mike L 14 August 2018

I Love them. I should have gotten them years ago. I can hear things Much better and tell what people are saying to me with out having to see their face. One down side is I hear how loud my joints creak and pop, and that makes me nervous. I hear Music much better all the higher pitches are crisper and brighter than before.

James C
James C 14 August 2018

Not very comfortable, tubes are too short, and they itch.

Member 08 May 2017
I am sorry to hear that the tube lengths provided are not suitable for you . Please call our customer service team at 1-877-763-8327 and we will send some replacement pieces right out. The "itching" is usually a function of the domes being a little big. Samples of smaller domes can be sent out as well.
Member 14 August 2018

I love the hearing aid while watching TV, I can understand the words quite a lot better. The only problem I have is itching in my ear from the domes. I have tried different domes from Ready wear express and the medium dome does not itch as much as the large dome. I was sent a different type of dome that was made of a different material, but it made my ear feel stopped up.

Gordon M
Gordon M 14 August 2018

Two years ago I purchased a set of in the ear hearing aids for around $2500.00 and tried to get accustomed to them. However, after not being able to adjust to them I gave up. The plugged up feeling in my ears, hearing myself talk, hearing myself chew when eating a meal, and the irritation to my ear canals were not worth the discomfort these hearing aids produced. Several trips to the audiologist who tested/fitted/sold them did not remedy any of my complaints. I looked on the computer and did a lot of research on the Simplicity Premier hearing aids. After reading the favorable reports I decided to purchase a set. I was impressed by the trial period afforded that if they did not satisfy my needs I could be refunded upon returning them. When they arrived I read the instruction booklet and watched the dvd provided with them and put them into my ears. I was truly amazed at the comfort, clarity, overall hearing improvement these offered. I am extremely satisfied with them and can now hear in situations that I could not hear previously. I would recommend them to anyone.

Member 06 March 2017

This is a great product, and the service is excellent.

James D
James D 04 March 2017

Great hearing aids. Saved a ton of money.

Ted L
Ted L 01 March 2017

I am very satisfied with the product

Gene S
Gene S 10 February 2017

The General Hearing Instruments Simplicity-Premier were very easy to wear for the first time. Though for the first several minutes I knew they were on my ears, in about 10 minutes, I didn't even know they were there. That's because I was so overwhelmed by the improvement in hearing I now have. My hearing loss is in the upper frequencies, and now, previously "flat" sounds have more "body" to them. I have turned down my television volume considerably. People, particularly young, higher pitch people, are more understandable now. Music now sounds more brilliant, the way I use to remember music years ago. So all in all, I am quite happy with these hearing aids (one in each ear)!

Joe H
Joe H 16 January 2017

I purchased these through Sam's club, I also purchased an extended warranty. The price was very good, GHI was very responsive when I called customer service with some questions. They had sent an E-mail concerning available accessories,which put Me in the hunt for the sizes of the domes and tubes that came with the Simplicity Premier pair that I bought. They answered that, I plan to accessorize after My 90 day trial expires. So far very happy, it has been only a week, but I am very happy thus far!

Delores M
Delores M 16 December 2016

These hearing aids are wonderful. When my hearing was tested at the Doctor's office and hearing center the cost of the aids was going to be $3400.00. There was no way I could afford them. These were so reasonably priced and they work perfectly. Thanks so much to this Company for making these affordable. I will be forever grateful. I have only had them for two days but I feel confident that I will continue to love them.

Tom G
Tom G 08 December 2016

Hearing aid is better than the one it replaced. Cost about a third of what replacement cost. Most noted improvement is talking on the phone.

Tom S
Tom S 22 November 2016

Look no further. Save yourself a lot of money and get these. There is nothing to lose with a 90 day money back guarantee.

Member 21 November 2016

I need help to hear speech in noisy situations

robert h
robert h 19 November 2016

Since this was the first time for me to use a pair of hearing aids, I needed some "hand holding" provided by the good folks at GHI. I had many questions and issues and resolved 90+ % of them ok and kept my purchase and do not regret it. At first I was shocked at the amplification of high frequencies, that sounded "tinny" to me, but came to realize this occurs with almost all hearing aids, and represents my own hearing loss frequencies I was normally missing to a degree. Once past that I came to realize that with wearing the aids I could become used to the overall improvement in hearing, it just took some time, a couple of months or so. I now hardly pay attention to the increased high frequencies that used to distract me. It really helps to use the volume settings in really noisy high freq situations e.g. while driving. I just let the aids work at No 1 (weakest volume) setting until I am not driving a car, for example. The rest of the time they assist my hearing very well. GHI really helped to define my choices better and avoided me getting something that I would have been unhappy with. In my opinion they are certainly an honest provider. No hesitation recommending them to anyone.

Dave R
Dave R 19 November 2016

This is something I had put off getting, and am sorry I did. They make a great difference. I now hear things I have been missing. Well worth it.

Rebecca B
Rebecca B 18 November 2016

my hearing has declined since I got the hearing aid (left ear) but it is still very good device!! better than the $3,000 one

joel w
joel w 18 November 2016

Good experience. I can not do without mine.

Jimmie M
Jimmie M 18 November 2016

I have 2 of the units and use only one. I purchased the second one when my first one stopped working after almost 2 years. I sent the non working unit in and it was repaired and returned to me very quickly. Repair price was good. After about 6-7 months it stopped working again and I returned it and it was repaired at no charge. I also used these to replace professional made in ear aids that cost about $2500 that I hated. I have loaned the one I am not using all the time to a couple of friends for a couple of days and they have ordered units also. And something very important.... it has made my wife very happy. I don't say "huh" or "what did you say" near as often now. :) Jim McGee

Dawn C
Dawn C 17 November 2016

My daughter purchased these for me after she sent me to the doctor to have a hearing test and it was determined that I had moderate hearing loss. I was in denial until I went to the doctor. The audiologist wanted to sell me hearing aids for approx. $5000. I am a widow, on very limited income and there was no way I could afford to spend I am barely making ends meet. My daughter found these on line (Walmart) for $1000, which includes a comprehensive protection plan. I find them easy to put in/ take out and operate. When I did not like them when first started wearing them. I did not think they worked, but my daughter said to give them a chance for a week or two, which I did and now I am hearing so much better. It took a couple of weeks to get used to them. There is such a different. I would recommend this product. Sincerely, Judy M.

William S
William S 17 November 2016

The hearing aids have been a marriage saver an a tremendous blessing. They are comfortable, easy to operate, and affordable. They do an excellent job. Whenever I've had questions the service department has been fantastic and always given a very speedy response. There are times when I would like to increase the volume but get a little feedback but for the most part they have been super helps to my hearing. I highly recommend them. So many men I know carry their $6,000 hearing aids in their pockets - I'm delighted to wear my inexpensive ones and get the benefit others miss.

S. R
S. R 17 November 2016

I have been wearing my new hearing aids for about a month now. They are very comfortable and work well.

John H
John H 17 November 2016

I had an initial problem with one of the hearing aids having feedback. Customer service worked with me and sent me a smaller tip for the ends witch solved the problem. The whole process took only a few days, and I was more than satisfied with their response, help and speed. The hearing aids are very comfortable and the batteries last a lot longer than I expected> I easily get at least ten days from the batteries. Most days I forget I am wearing hearing aids.

Member 11 May 2016

Realizing that this product is not a cure for my hearing loss, it does a rather good job in most situations. Having tried several other products this one is definitely better and more reasonably priced.

Bob S
Bob S 27 April 2016

I wore a hearing aid over 25 years ago, but when it stopped working, I didn't replace it. Now, I wonder why I waited so long to get another one. The difference is remarkable! I have already recommended it to a co-worker's wife who was about ready to spend $5,000 for an aid from a audiologist. Why spend $5,000 when you can spend $500 and get an aid every bit as good.

Robbie A
Robbie A 17 March 2016

I purchased this Simplicity Premier hearing aid from Samsclub online about 6 years ago. When I first put the devices on I was angry, angry that all these years I have been paying audiologists collectively $20,000 over the years for all my hearing aids that are piled in my drawer and here are these devices that work better. So I was angry at audiologists taking my money and could not preform better that this product I bought as for $700 for the pair which was straight from the internet. The Simplicity Premier that I have is light, small, and sounds better that the more expensive hearing aids that I have had in the past. I have tried Resond, and Widex from different audiologist because I thought maybe it was a bad audiologist, well maybe both audiologist were bad. I tell all of my friends that are looking at buying hearing aids to check this company out. Being that they are in the USA makes it nice too. So far the only problem I have had with the unit is needing a new tube for the left ear. Called them up and got a new pair of tubes for $18. Maybe my audiologist should have spent more time worrying about learning how to make my hearing aid sound better than worrying about trying to sell me on remote controls and crap. Make a hearing aid sound better, now that is a amazing idea......someone should invent that. Thanks to my Simplicity premier units I can reliably hear and I still have money in my pocket. I hope this company makes millions.

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Member 17 November 2016
I have used Simplicity for several years, purchasing same from Walmart. After use of other brands I'm hooked. It is not as good as when I was twenty, but a darn site better than 68 has to offer. Indoors needs and quiet days are vastly improved. Battery seems to last a decent amount of time, (about a week), if battery removed at night. My one complaint is that there are absolutely no wind baffles and wind will require you to remove them. But hey, for this price I will gladly trade hearing on windy days only.
Member 17 November 2016
I just received these about six weeks ago. They are doing a reasonable job. None are perfect. Long battery life. I like the behind the ear better than the mold.
Member 21 November 2016
i am on my 2nd pair of simplicity premier hearing aids. i brag about them to anybody that will listen. i had a set of $3000 aids that i couldnt keep clean and was constantly having re-programmed. actually, i am still using the 1st pair (2-/2 years old and bought the 2nd pair for the sale price
Member 16 April 2018
Only problem I'm having is outdoors when the wind is blowing. Bothers them pretty bad. Feedback is a little annoying at times but much cheaper than previous ones that I purchased. I want to try closed domes and see if it makes them a little better. I bought the Simplicity OTE and now wished that I would have tried the HI-Fi Simplicity that is suppose to be a little better. Maybe try them just to see.
Member 31 May 2018
I’ve only had my hearing aid for three days but I’m getting amazing gains, and it’s so comfortable to wear. The company has been great to deal with. They’re sending me samples of larger size tubes as the #1 size that came with the device may be a bit small for someone my size. Highly recommend!
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