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General Hearing Instruments Simplicity Premier OTE

General Hearing Instruments Simplicity Premier Direct To Consumer Hearing Aid

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About the General Hearing Instruments Simplicity Premier

The General Hearing Instruments (GHI) Simplicity Premier OTE is an over-the-counter hearing aid which is available for purchase online through Sam's Club. GHI appears to also sell the hearing aids under the name Simplicity Smart Touch through a global distribution network of hearing providers and online through Walmart.

The Simplicity hearing aids are reportedly "manufactured in the United States under FDA regulations," and come with feedback suppression, and 4 volume settings. The hearing aids do not have directional microphones (important for hearing in background noise), or telecoils (important for hearing on the phone), and we're not sure whether they have any sort of digital noise suppression. Sam's listing for the Simplicity Premier OTE claims "noise management circuitry" is present, while GHI makes no claims about noise suppression technology on the page for the Simplicity Smart Touch. 

Sam's Club sells the Simplicity Premier OTE (pair) online, without custom programming, for around $719, while Walmart's price is $899 (for the Simplicity Smart Touch).


General Hearing Instruments Simplicity Premier Videos

Simplicity Hearing Aids
General Hearing Instruments Simplicity Premier Video

Simplicity Hearing Aids

15 January 2010

"General Hearing Instruments now offers a complete line of non-prescription hearing aids on In-the-ear (canal) and mini...

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