Oticon ConnectClip – Five Ways To Get More From Oticon OpnTM

Dr Cliff Olson

Guest Author

29 January 2018

Here we are in 2018. The Oticon Opn™ hearing aid continues to be one of the most popular hearing aids on the market (it was a blockbuster hearing aid release in April 2016). More than just another Made-For-iPhone hearing aid, Opn™ introduced the world to “Multiple Speaker Access Technology”, which many audiologists believe (and Oticon claims) improves hearing clarity in group conversations. This popularly-held belief seems to underlie Opn’s continued success in hearing clinics around the world.

Oticon ConnectClip Streamer & Remote Microphone Review - No iPhone Needed For The OPN!!!

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In 2017, Oticon expanded the Oticon Opn™ product line by introducing new telecoil and power models. This allowed those with more severe forms of hearing loss, and those who rely on access to hearing loops, to benefit from Opn™ as well. Despite the expanded product line, two major limitations remained. First, unlike other Made For iPhone hearing aids on the market, Opn™ was not capable of streaming audio from Android devices via an intermediary device. Second, no remote microphone was available for the Opn™. This meant limited support for those with extreme difficulty hearing speech in background noise. With the new Oticon ConnectClip – released earlier this year – Opn™ users now have access to a remote microphone, and new audio streaming capabilities.

Here are the top 5 new things you can now with your Opn™ hearing aids with ConnectClip.

1. Hands Free Calls

The new ConnectClip can answer calls and act as your microphone so your phone can stay in your pocket or purse. This is a benefit for iPhone and Android users alike. This may not seem like a huge deal…that is, until you get pulled over by a police officer for holding the phone up to your mouth when you are driving.

2. Stream audio from an Android phone

Okay, if you are an iPhone user, just skip to #3. However, if you haven’t made the switch to iPhone to access all your Opn’s features, now you may not need to. You can now enjoy music, podcasts, YouTube videos, and call streaming from any Android phone using the ConnectClip as an intermediary streaming device.

3. Secretly change your settings

Why risk being perceived as rude when taking out your phone to change your program or volume settings? The program and volume buttons are strategically placed on the side of the ConnectClip to ensure you can change these settings without looking.

4. Perform even better in background noise

Even if “Multiple Speaker Access Technology” is as good as Oticon claims, you can always hear better in background noise with a remote microphone. Just place the ConnectClip onto the shirt of the person you want to hear and cut through the background noise like a hot knife through butter.

5. Stream audio from any Bluetooth device

Someday, Apple may take over the entire electronics industry, but until then, Bluetooth is still the universal standard, and the main way to access audio streams from non-Apple devices. Through the ConnectClip you may now stream audio to your your Opn™ hearing aids from any Bluetooth device.

As hearing aid manufacturers continue to advance hearing technology, hearing aid users will no doubt become some of the most tech-integrated people on the planet. Do you have a ConnectClip tip or trick of your own? Be sure to leave it in the comments below!