Cochlear nucleus 6

Cochlear Nucleus 6 CP910 Cochlear Implant Hearing Aid

  • Water
    Rated 7
  • Dust
    Rated 5
Battery: Rechargeable
Technology Level: 1
Programs: 4
Channels: 24

Direct Audio Input
Directional microphone
Directional microphone array
FM Compatibility
Music Program
Push button
Rechargeable Batteries
Remote Control
Synchronization between aids
Volume control - Binaural
Cochlear Implant

Cochlear Nucleus 6 CP910 Product Information

The Cochlear Nucleus 6 CP910 is one of two (CP910 and CP920) behind-the-ear cochlear implant processors released by Cochlear in 2013. The CP910 is the larger of the two "CP900 series" processors, but enables users to plug audio devices directly into an "accessory socket."

Both CP900-series devices may be used as traditional cochlear implant processors or may be used in a special hybrid configuration. The hybrid configuration is basically a cochlear implant combined with a traditional sound-amplifying hearing aid. Many have reported clearer, more natural sound as a result, but the hybrid configuration is only available for those with adequate hearing in the lower tones. One drawback of the hybrid configuration: water and dust resistance is limited to IP44 rather than the usual IP57 (read about IP Code). This is largely due to the addition of an acoustic speaker, which is more exposed to the elements. 

Cochlear Nucleus 6 CP910 Videos

Molly's Day - Introducing Nucleus 6, a world of simply smarter hearing

"Molly's day has been transformed by our latest and smartest system yet. Nucleus 6 is the world's most intelligent and fully automated sound management system with true wireless connectivity. It is simply smarter in every hearing situation. Watch Molly's day to learn more."

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Cochlear Nucleus 6 CP910 Accessories

Nucleus CR230 Remote Assistant
Nucleus CR210 Remote Control

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