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EarLens Contact Hearing Device Product Information

The EarLens Contact Hearing Device is a radically different type of hearing aid that uses light, and an eardrum vibration lens - rather than amplified sound - to move the eardrum.

The EarLens itself is a custom-fitted eardrum vibrator (or "tympanic-membrane transducer"), which is created using a mold of the user's ear. The EarLens is "floated" on top of the user's eardrum using a thin layer of mineral oil. On its own, the EarLens vibrator is not capable of doing much. However, when stimulated by infrared light, the EarLens kicks into action, and begins to vibrate.  When the EarLens vibrates, the user's eardrum vibrates in synchrony, producing audible sound. 

The microphone for the EarLens is fitted inside the earcanal, along with a light emitting diode. This allows the EarLens microphone to pick up sound from a very natural position (as close to the eardrum as possible), which overcomes the need for a directional microphone. As described in the Features and Benefits section below, sound coming from the front of the listener is naturally amplified by the outer ear (pinna), so picking sound up inside the earcanal is the best place to pick up sound (to be amplified). Background: When people have a conversation, they usually face each other, so sound from the front is considered the most important. 

Importantly, the earcanal is left completely open with the EarLens system. This alleviates any sense of "blocked ears" which might accompany traditional (non-open-fitting) hearing aids. One of the consequences of open-fitting hearing aids typically is excessive acoustic feedback. The EarLens system is less susceptible to this issue, since there isn't a speaker emitting very loud sound in close proximity to the speaker.  Another consequence of open-fitting hearing aids is reduced low-frequency amplification (less low pitch boost). This is due to the leakage of lower pitch sounds through the open canal, and the difficulty of producing low-pitch sound using tiny hearing aid speakers. The EarLens system is not susceptible to these issues since the eardrum is vibrating directly with lower frequency vibrations (~200Hz). 

EarLens Contact Hearing Device Videos

Introduction to the EarLens

This animation, produced by EarLens, shows the basic components of the EarLens hearing system in action. 

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EarLens Contact Hearing Device Features and Benefits

According to EarLens there are three primary benefits to using their light-based sound delivery technology:

  • "Ultra-wide frequency range" - From The EarLens System: New Sound Transduction Methods: "In our current development of the photonic EarLens system, we have observed outputs of 90–115 dB SPL in the frequency range between 200 Hz and 10 kHz in a limited number of ears. We are encouraged by these preliminary studies." There are numerous benefits associated with hearing high pitches, including an improvement in music quality, and an improvement in hearing speech in the presence of background noise.
  • Less acoustic feedback - The reduction in acoustic feedback "would make it possible to place the microphone in an open-ear-canal configuration while at the same time providing much more gain than is available with current open-canal hearing devices." This means sound may be picked up inside the earcanal, rather than behind the ear, leading to more natural directional hearing. Further, greater amplification (gain) may be acheived, before the hearing aid output is limited by feedback. 
  • No directional mic needed - As stated above, there is no need for a directional microphone, since sound picked up inside the earcanal is affected by the outer ear, and amplified naturally based on the direction of the sound (sounds from the front are naturally louder).

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