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earVenture faVor BTE Behind The Ear - Fusion Hearing Aid

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Disposable Batteries
Push Button
Release Date: 14 September 2015

earVenture faVor BTE Product Information

The earVenture "faVor" is a low-cost behind-the-ear hearing aid that is sold exclusively by licensed audiologists and hearing aid dispensers, and which is not available for purchase online.

The faVor is equipped with feedback cancellation, four customizable audio programs, digital noise suppression, fixed directional microphones, a telecoil, and more (see below). The devices lack support for direct-audio-input (DAI), and do not have Bluetooth (or any other) wireless connectivity. The devices could be used in conjunction with telecoil-neckloop wireless systems, but audio connections to wireless devices - without a neckloop system - would not be possible. The faVor devices are not compatible with a remote control, and do not have a volume buttons built in. However, an audiologist may be able to provide some volume flexibility using the 4 customizable programs. At this stage, we are unsure of whether the hearing aids automatically switch into the telecoil mode (when the telephone is detected), but we are curious if that is implied by the word "active" in active telecoil.

earVenture hearing aids are manufactured by IntriCon, the manufacturer of United Healthcare’s hi HealthInnovations’ line of hearing aids. For some background information on the earVenture initiative (partnership between the Academy of Doctors of Audiology and IntriCon) please refer to this news story.


We received some clarification from earVenture on the meaning of "active telecoil." See below

The term "active" telecoil means that we incorporate an independent amplifier on our telecoils to reduce inherent noise and other technical issues when tied directly to the main amplifier. Both models, the reVel and faVor, offer 4 memories (independently programmable) which can have telecoil functionality. There is no need for a magnet to activate (or keep active) the telecoil and you can configure as telecoil only (on faVor) or a mix of telecoil only or telecoil/microphone (on reVel). The telecoil response is determined based on the link to the primary program (audiogram) but can be independently programmed as necessary (more gain). 

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Introducing earVenture

earVenture's mission is to deliver innovative resources and technology to audiologists, so that they can employ the model of care of their choice to ensure an exceptional patient experience at an affordable price. earVenture believes it will better serve audiologists in reaching an untapped demographic of patients who are unable or not yet ready to consider more expensive hearing aid options.

earVenture faVor BTE Features

The earVenture faVor BTE has disposable batteries, telecoil, push button, and directionality.

Hardware Features

Disposable Batteries

Battery Size: 10


Push Button

Software Features


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