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iHEAR HD Hearing Device Completely In the Canal Hearing Aid

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Battery: Disposable
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iHEAR HD Hearing Device Product Information

The iHEARHD device is one of the most affordable hearing aids on the market. It comes with no service agreement, and asks the consumer to complete their own hearing test, using iHEAR's proprietary self-hearing screening device. The complete package (one pair of HEARHD hearing aids and one hearing screener) will cost you $398 plus the cost of batteries (see discussion below).  

Victor Valenzuela, the company's director of engineering, says that the iHEARHD is "virtually invisible, waterproof, and has no impact on a daily lifestyle." This claim is impressive in the sense that very few hearing aids on the market come close to being "waterproof", and those that do typically have their products IP rated. The claim about lifestyle is interesting; most hearing aid manufacturers promote the prospect of lifestyle enhancement, while Victor promises iHEARHD will not affect your lifestyle at all.

The iHEARHD began its life on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo in early 2014. Adnan Shennib, inventor of the Lyric and iHEAR CEO, enticed potential investors to purchase an iHEARHD device with the promise that one iHEARHD would be dontated to"the economically disadvantaged" for each iHEARHD purchased (a marketing strategy that worked for TOMS shoes in 2006). iHEAR's Indiegogo campaign was a success, raising almost a quarter of a million dollars with an initial goal of only $65,000. However, iHEAR only recently began shipping hearing aids to campaign investors, and shows the availability of iHEARHD and iHearTest as "January 2016." (The initial delivery estimate was August 2014)

It's hard to say whether the iHEAR device will be successful with the average person with age-related hearing loss, as the device looks to sport an occluding (tight-fitting) earpiece, which could unintentonially boost deep tones for those who have normal hearing for lower pitches (this may lead to louder sound than necessary to achieve better hearing). Reputable consumer reviews about the iHEARHD are difficult to find online, so if you have personal experience with the device, please submit a review or leave a comment below.

Some notes:

  • iHEARHD "is designed to operate reliably for about 18-24 months."
  • iHEARHD batteries last "7-10 days on the average, assuming 14 hours daily operation, and turning the device off at night."
  • Batteries are purchased on a subscription basis at $8/month.
  • Batteries will cost $96/year per device, or $288-384 over the expected lifetime of a pair of iHEARHD's.
  • The total cost of a pair of iHEARHD hearing aids (including the devices and batteries over 2 years) is estimated to be around $782.
  • Read more at iHEAR's FAQ

Future upgrades (Available July 2016):

  • "Up to 3 program settings for different sound environments"
  • "One year unlimited professional support"

iHEAR HD Hearing Device Videos

iHear Medical Indiegogo Campaign

"iHEAR Medical delivers a high quality, invisible in-the-ear hearing device directly to your home at a fraction of the cost. The advanced 100% Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology is designed to fit inconspicuously inside your ear to deliver exceptional hearing experience. While most hearing aids cost well over $1000, the iHEAR device is priced at only $199." -

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