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About the KS 7.0

Update February, 2018: Kirkland Signature™ 8.0 hearing aids are now available.

Costco has not published detailed technical specifications on the Kirkland Signature™ 7.0 hearing aids. However, some have speculated that the KS7's might be similar in technology to the Rexton Trax 42 hearing aids, also sold at Costco. The KS7's look very similar to the Trax 42's on the exterior and are compatible with the same accessories (Smart Connect, Smart Power Charger, Smart Remote, Speech Connect) and smartphone apps (Smart Connect App and Smart Remote App). The Trax 42 hearing aids have 42 processing channels, 20 gain adjustment channels, 6 programs, directional microphones with mic-pattern adjustment, telecoil, Bluetooth wireless, rechargeability, etc. 

Informational videos, frequently asked questions, user guides, compatibility information, and more can be found at the Kirkland Signature™ 7.0 user portal. The current pricing for Costco's Kirkland Signature™ 7.0 hearing aids are $1,699.99 a pair.

Smartphone App links:

Update Sep 22, 2016

We received an anonymous tip this morning with more information about the KS7 hearing aids. The specs detailed below are quoted from the KS7 datasheet (download the full PDF below). Based on this information, we can see that the KS7’s are very similar in technology to the Signia primax 7px hearing aids, also produced by Sivantos

begin quote

TruCore Platform

• TruCore Audio Exchange (requires bilateral fitting)
• 42 Signal Processing Channels
• 20 Gain Handles
• Binaural Signal Processing Synchronization
• Volume and Program Coupling
• 6 Programs


• RIC Technology (45 dB, 60 dB, 70 dB, 75 dB external receivers)
• 312 Battery
• Rocker Switch
• Telecoil
• Autophone
• SecureTec Protection (IP 67 Rating)

TruCore Speech

• Directional iLock Premium Performance
• iFocus 360
• Intelligent Mic Morphing (42 Channels)
• HD Directionality (3 steps and on/off)
• HD Bandwidth (10 kHz)
• Feedback Preventer
• Bandwidth Compression

Smart Set & Go

• Smart Automatic Equalizer Premium Performance
• Smart Automatic Acclimatization Premium Performance
• Automatic Classifier Premium Performance
• Data Logging

Sound Comfort and Convenience

• Voice Ranger
• Reverb Reducer
• XPhone
• Music Enhancer
• Smart Remote App (provides main functionality of the Smart Remote with just an app)
• Noise Management Premium Performance
• Sound Smoothing Premium Performance
• Sound Radiance
• Wind Noise Cancellation
• Omni Sound Locator
• Microphone-pattern Adjustment (Smart Connect App recomended)


• Smart Remote
• Smart Connect (for Bluetooth connection with cell phones and stereo audio streaming)
• Smart Connect App (requires Smart Connect)
• Transmitter (requires Smart Connect)
• Speech Connect (requires Smart Connect)
• Smart Power Charger
• Wired programming with 312-programming adaptor
• Wireless programming with ConnexxLink™

end quote

KS 7.0 Model Details

Kirkland Signature (Costco) 7.0

Professionally-fitted hearing aid

Kirkland Signature (Costco) 7.0

52 reviews

Release Date: 20 September 2016

The Kirkland Signature (Costco) 7.0 has a dedicated volume control, an ingress protection rating of IP67, rechargeable batteries, uses size 312 hearing aid batteries, and is Android compatible.

  • Telecoil:
  • Push Button:
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • Phone Compatibility:

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KS 7.0 Physical Specifications

Kirkland Signature (Costco) 7.0
Kirkland Signature (Costco) 7.0

52 reviews

Android Compatibility
Disposable Batteries Battery Size
IP Rating (Liquid) 7
IP Rating (Solid) 6
Rechargeable Batteries
Volume Control

Model details listed above may be incomplete or inaccurate. For full specifications please refer to product specifications published by the original equipment manufacturer. To suggest a correction to the details listed, please email

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KS 7.0 Technology Details

Kirkland Signature (Costco) 7.0
Price $

51 reviews


Technology specifications listed above may be incomplete or inaccurate. For full specifications please refer to product specifications published by the original equipment manufacturer. To suggest a correction to the details listed, please email

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KS 7.0 Reviews

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Anonymous 27 July 2019

My problem is the phone app. The original one was ok albeit not perfect but the updated version is not good. I would go back to the older version if I could figure out how.

Member 02 June 2019

I've been very happy with my hearing aids. They help me hear conversation when I'm out with friends and they make it possible for me to do my job at work.

Member 23 May 2019

I love telecoil…there are so many uses that people are unaware about. For example, I purchased a neck loop from Amazon (ClearSounds CLA7v2) for $60 and an audio cord. I plug it in to my TV and hear TV with the hearing aid set to manual Telecoil setting. When I fly I bring it and plug it in to the airline sound system and hear the movie without background noise! It cancels that airline backgroun humming noise. Wonderful. I use it like noise cancelling earphones–on any device that has a headphone jack…computer, audio books. Better sound than fancy earphones! Of course auditoriums and chuches that have a loop and you can have direct sound, blocking out background noise. There is a difference with automatic telecoil & manual telecoil. –The automatic turns on when it senses the loop–neck loop, building loop, counter top loop, etc BUT it does not eliminate background noise: it mixes the sound coming from your hearing aid with the telecoil sound! You cannot turn it off. –The manual telecoil setting (button on your hearing aid) can be PURE telecoil sound with NO hearing aid sound. This means you get NO background noise when listening to the direct sound source–which could be a microphone, a computer, a TV etc. I choose the “manual” option and ask for 2 settings in my hearing aid: Pure Telecoil (so it eliminates background noise) Telecoil + Hearing Aid (when I want to talk to the person next to me at a movie) So consider this when you choose whether you ask for automatic or manual telecoil! Carolyn Odio

Member 10 April 2019

My experience has been good.

Member 10 October 2018

I have the Kirkland (Costco) Signature Plus hearing aids available 3 years ago. So I'm not certain I've picked the correct HA from your profile list. I'm not happy. I lost the right HA last year, and when Costco replaced it, from that day forward there does not seem to be the quality I previously experienced. They do not seem t "sync" with each other. I have ordered Oticon OPN2 devices from my healthcare provider (not Costco).

Member 14 August 2018

Have problems with female voices

Corona 14 August 2018

I'm very happy with these. I'm also a self-programmer, and I've found them easy to work with. The people at the Costco where I bought these -- Burnaby, BC, Canada -- were very kind and helpful.

Member 16 November 2018


Member 06 September 2018
You got "custom molds" from Costco? I have a very hard time inserting thing in my ears. Too large and the shape is all wrong!!! I avoid wearing them.
Member 14 August 2018

My hearing aids are my first, when I find issues with sounds I book an appointment to have them adjusted. The adjustments addressed the sound issues I was experiencing. I looked up causes of sound issues online, it helps me adjust to using hearing aids for the first time. So far what I have found online the Costco signature 7.0 heaing aids are high quality for an affordable price. I would recommend everyone who purchases these to have them adjusted if they don't sound right to them and ask questions about any issues they may experience with their dispenser. So far my 7.0 hearing aids work better after each adjustment.

James D
James D 14 August 2018

Good so far. I'm a newbie. Tried Oticon opn-2s but $5800 was silly for first time HAs. The tech at Costco was as good as the audiologist at Marty Lane Hearing Center. So we'll see.

Richard A
Richard A 14 August 2018

I have enjoyed my Rexton Quintra aids for about four years. I lost one about a month ago. I ordered an exact match from ebay, second hand. I have an appointment with my Costco audiologist in a few days. I will need to get the replacement hearing aid programmed to my audiogram. However, I have a question related to what I am to expect ... I put in a battery to try out the replacement hearing aid. It works well. BUT (being on the left) it will not control the volume on both hearing aids. When I press the program button on the right hearing aid, it only changes the right one. I am wondering if this will be a problem? Is there someway to do an initial reset so that the two aids will interact with each other?

Member 14 August 2018

I have owned my KS7.0 hearing aids for about 3 weeks now. I’ve had a few adjustments in fitting done a few times and still find them uncomfortable to wear. Sort of feels like pencil erasers in my ear canal. Until today, when comparing notes with another KS7.0 person who shared my same concerns gave me a good suggestion on comfort. The soft cone that goes into the ear has circular design that if you cut the spacing support around the base of the cone, this action reduces the pressure from the outer rim of the cone on the inner ear and makes wearing them much more comfortable. The cone still fits snug in the ear and sound performance isn’t affected. You can cut the spacing between each rib one at a time testing after each cut. Your not removing any material with each cut. Your just allowing the outer circle of the cone to compress easier in you ear canal making it more comfortable in your ear. Works for me, thanks Jim!” I also noticed if I keep the volume turned down low, I don’t get feedback when I talk and the hearing aids pick up my voice. That is very uncomfortable and makes me constantly clear my throat but with the volume down low, that talkback is minimal. A sudden load bang or load noise seems to be amplified uncomfortably when wearing hearing aids. Overall, I am hearing Better but sound quality of music seems to be changed for some reason.

Charles W
Charles W 02 September 2018

Being a retired audio engineer and product manager for several well known high end audio equipment manufacturers, I've been aware of the design issues required to overcome and return hearing to a somewhat normal level. There are some laws of physics in terms of acoustical reproduction that hearing aids can't overcome. That said, I wanted to end my constant asking my wife to repeat things. These hearing aids work well in that respect. They fail in others. The hearing aids I purchased are the Costco Signature 7.0 series manufactured by Rexton. First, the smart phone app offers a number of functions. They work reasonably well with the exception of the microphone pickup patterns. While you can hear differences, none seem to yield the results the pickup patterns displayed on your smart phone screen would suggest. As an example, when you narrow the pattern, according to the app, to pickup sound primarily from the front of you, it really doesn't reduce sounds from the rear to any significant degree. You will always be fighting reverberant energy bouncing around in the environment. This inability to localize sounds properly also makes these hearing aids very poor for allowing the human ear/brain to create what is known in audio engineering circles as the "cocktail party effect". With normal hearing when you're speaking with someone in a noisy room, your brain ignores sounds coming from directions other than that of the speaker you're listening to. These hearing aids do not allow your brain to perform that function particularly well at all. Second, the tone control is a high frequency roll off control. It simply turns down the treble and does not offer any bass (low frequency boost or cut). While different modes are offered for outdoors, music, noise /party, reverb reducer, and so on, none of them are particularly effective, especially the live music mode. For live music even the lowest volume setting colors the sound, especially live piano which becomes hard and brittle, with loss of any warm in the lower register. When listening to stereo, the reproduction is also very colored due to the unnatural emphasis in the response curve of these hearing aids in the voice range. For music, the response curve should have been the inverse of the user's hearing loss. Stereo imaging is thoroughly scrambled with these units, resulting in a completely unnatural sound stage. High quality headphones with a moderate boost in high frequency response from a high quality AV stereo receiver do an order of magnitude better job of reproduction of music. You will be thoroughly disappointed if you buy these hearing aids to improve your enjoyment of recorded or live music. I did not test the bluetooth accessory for listening to TV and I have doubts about the additional fidelity loss of bluetooth vs a direct headphone connection, as well as the ability of the tiny transducer that fits in the ear canal to reproduce low frequency sounds with any degree of realism. I have some concerns regarding long term reliability. Specifically, how long will the battery holder last before the pivot and contacts break? How long will the stiff connection wire from the hearing aid to the transducer that goes in your ear canal last before it breaks? I'm hopeful and my wife doesn't have to repeat.

Member 02 September 2018
Thank you for your detailed explanation about music. My experience with my 7.0's is the same, piano music sounds like it's being played on a toy piano, violins are harsh. I just can't use them at concerts (classical). They're not perfect by any means, it took me close to two years before I wanted to wear them on a daily basis. Inadvertently stepping into the shower briefly with them on has not seemed to impact them. However, on balance, I am better off having them than not.
Member 14 August 2018

Had to return the hearing aids after 3 months, as I had numerous infections in ear that turned out to be cancer of the parotid gland. I have had surgery and radiation treatments and will give hearing aids another try when I am physically able.

Member 14 August 2018

Problem with these KS7 hearing aids is the sound (frequency) balance when sound comes to the hearing aids through the air (microphones). High frequencies, such as dishes clanking, little dogs barking, small children and some women talking come through annoyingly loud. Listening to TV or car radio is a challenge. At normal volume levels I hear the bass and high pitched tones. Best results I get with Bluetooth reception, but the room needs to be quiet, the volume on the TV turned off. Then the sound is good. However if there is noise in the room, it drowns out the TV bluethooth-based reception. Also any internal noise within my head, such as clicking teeth, crunching hard cookies, celery, or my own voice comes picked up very amplified. My hearing loss (audiogram) seems pretty standard. Drop off fairly sharply after 4k. Moderate to Moderate severe to 8k. Probably the hearing aids need some serious tuning, but I have had two different Costco audio technicians. They seem to use cookie-cutter methods, that just don't work in my case.

Member 14 August 2018

They are wonderful. This is my second set the first set coming from a hospital associated facility

FRED O 14 August 2018

HA is upgrade from KS5. I hear better but notice some squealing & distortion. Changing volume control has little effect on perceived loudness.

Member 14 August 2018

Overall very good. However, the rechargeable batteries and the included charger are worthless, as the rechargeable batteries typically do not last longer than about 8 to 10 hours at the most. Unfortunately the rechargeable batteries and charger were included in the price and not an option and likely drove up the overall cost unnecessarily. I get along much better with Duracell #312 bought in packs of 60 (a box of ten 6-packs) online. The Duracell "Activair" batteries typically last me around 5 days, which of course assumes taking my hearing aids out at bedtime and turning them off. I routinely carry a spare set of batteries in the glove compartment of the car and sometimes even in my pocket just as a hedge, but have seldom needed them. Just proactively change batteries every 5 days and you won't have a problem. Avoid cheap Chinese batteries. The Duracell #312 are made in Germany & I've never had a problem with them. The el-cheapos from the big-box stores are a whole other matter.

Member 22 January 2018
Agreed about the various brands of 312s. To get one supplier with whom I have had good dealings, see Audioaid Supply Co. in Erie, PA.
robert b
robert b 14 August 2018

I hear better with these than I did with Beltone

GEORGE P 14 August 2018

After a long time, I gave into vanity and started researching hearing aids. A name that kept coming up in reviews was Cosco Hearing Center. I made an appointment to have the free hearing exam at Cosco and picked up information on what hearing aids and pricing would be available when I went back. At the appointment the specialist and the exam given were very thorough. At the end if the exam and after saying that I may be interested I was given a walk around sample pair to try in the store for a while. When I returned and said that I was ready to purchase I was fitted at that time with a pair of the Kirkland Signature 7.0 Hearing Aids and was surprised that I was walking out of the store with them right away. The price point of $1699.00 / pr along with reviews was a factor in choosing the Kirkland Signature 7.0 Hearing Aids. When I returned for a 2 week checkup the specialist made an adjustment to the programing because one side seemed muffled. That has corrected that issue. There are modes for various conditions and events that work well and easily set on the hearing aid as are the volume settings. The mobile app supplied is also a convenient tool to make setting changes without an obvious ear tug, however not all features work smoothly.

Member 14 August 2018

I am doing ok but my type of hearing loss is difficult to program for, cookie bite.

Gary P
Gary P 14 August 2018

I would tell anyone who may be questioning their hearing to call Costco hearing center and get tested. The sounds of nature I'm hearing again is really wonderful.

Gary C
Gary C 14 August 2018

I was very reluctant to get my hearing tested even though my hearing has suffered for years. This was probably due to going to a lot of loud rock concerts in my youth. Well, I'm no longer young nor as vain as I think I was, so I decided to take the plunge and get tested. Especially since my wife of 35 years has been "hinting" that I should get checked out. I chose Costco because I've been a member of their warehouse club for a number of years, and they have good merchandise and had good hearing air reviews. They also have VERY GOOD prices. The nearest Costco to me in Erie, Pa is in Cranberry, Pa which is about 2 hours away. The testing procedure went very well. The staff there is professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. It was determined that I did indeed need hearing aids, and they were ordered before I left the store. I returned a few weeks later to pick up the hearing aids, and the process could not have been smoother. I have nothing but good things to say about the hearing aids. They fit securely in my ears, and they have greatly improved my hearing ability. I have not had them very long, but I believe that they should continue to function well into the future. And, needless to say, you can't beat their price: $1,699.00 for the pair! A screaming deal! Their warranty and return policy can't be beat either. I would highly recommend giving Costco a try for hearing tests/hearing aids.

Don G
Don G 14 August 2018

Definitely is an improvement...but as severe as my loss is, I had a ways to go.

Phil S
Phil S 14 August 2018

I have had the KS 7 for over 18 months now. They was an improvement over my prior kirkland hearing aids. My ratings mostly reflect my initial experience. Problems have since developed (see below). The only initial problems were: * directionality - sometimes loud noises sounded like they were behind me when they were not - almost echo-like. * listening to music in a car is annoying. The volume varies greatly, up and down, for no apparent reason. Audiologist was no help when I brought these up. The problem still exists. The biggest problem now is that the volume and clarity has diminished greatly. This happened slowly over months. I started noticing that I was missing a lot of sounds. I have actually switched back to my old HA's and am hearing much better. I will be sending these back for repair. I will try to post an update.

Member 28 September 2017
In my experience when the volume and clarity start to diminish, it is time to change the filter. When I purchased my first pair of RIC’s, the audiologist did not bother to tell me they needed regular filter changes; they assume hearing aid wearers know this already. When this happened to me I Googled the problem and realized I needed to change the filters; once I changed them sound quality was fine.
Sonya  G
Sonya G 14 August 2018

I switched from the OPN 2 TO the KS7 due to my budget. The difference is noticeable, but im not sure if the difference is worth the $3300 price difference . It's a dirty shame that hearing aids do not get insurance coverage...and that some companies are charging such ridiculous prices.

Member 14 August 2018

High end sounds to high but still need 1st adjustment

Dave S
Dave S 14 August 2018

I've been very pleased with these aids. Great value.

Mrk A
Mrk A 14 August 2018

I have had my KS7's for over 2 weeks. Had my checkup and they modified the program list and changed a few settings. I Love these! I now don't have to say "What did you say" any more Thanks Costco!

sherman k
sherman k 14 August 2018

Still don't have confidence in the person fitting my hearing aids at Costco. I have tried three different people and still not satisfied. I am looking for information on the correct power of receiver. I have a 2M in my right ear and a 2P in my left ear. For my audiogram see my profile.

Mark B
Mark B 11 August 2017
For starters, I'm not an audiologist, but I wear hearing aids, am a RN and read a lot. My take is no amount of amplification in your left ear is really going to let you hear high frequencies. I think the S receiver would be adequate in the right ear. I think how to deal with the left is going to take some trial and error. You might want to post on hearing and see what kind of response you get.
Mark B
Mark B 11 August 2017
For starters, I'm not an audiologist, but I wear hearing aids, am a RN and read a lot. My take is no amount of amplification in your left ear is really going to let you hear high frequencies. I think the S receiver would be adequate in the right ear. I think how to deal with the left is going to take some trial and error. You might want to post on hearing and see what kind of response you get.
alan c
alan c 14 August 2018

They're very effective--except in restaurant type settings, where I have to turn them off.

Member 15 August 2017
Why don't they work in restaurants? Do you have a program for noisy environments? You should have one that focuses on sounds in front of you.
Carole H
Carole H 14 August 2018

Quite an improvement over Kirkland Signature 3.0. Biggest problem occurred because provider Audiologist did not take into account that I previously had hearing aids, and did not setup the programs, loudness or the on off switch. I also asked for the ability to control them with my phone. She said this also could be done when I got used to them. She set an appointment for 3 weeks later to do all that - which is still coming up! Almost drove me crazy as we had to take a 5 hour trip and I had to remove the aids because the car and car radio were way too noisy, and I couldn't turn them down or off. (My husband listens to ball games!). I went to another Costco in the city we were visiting to have them programmed and adjusted 2 days after getting them and had them setup the iphone connection which is wonderful. Fiddling with your phone is a lot easier than fiddling with your ears! They setup 4 programs. I am going to ask for the other ones, because not sure i have the best one for crowded situations like restaurants, etc. Once i figure out which is best for me, I will maybe have some removed. Also, I have had difficulty finding out if rechargeable battery chargers are hard on the receivers. My provider says yes. I really prefer rechargeable batteries but would like to know the answer to this first. My other hearing aids lasted about 5 years, but seemed to be a problem for the last year. I also tried to find silver zinc rechargeable batteries and a charger. I can find the batteries but not the charger. I understand they will hold a charge longer.

mark d
mark d 14 August 2018

Great improvement in my life. Can hear again!

Member 12 April 2017
Hi Mark, I live in Delavan. Are you still happy with your aids? Kathy
Member 06 March 2017

Love it in every way, except there is a VERY important problem to address. The app isn't out yet, but the Signature 7 aid is. The finder feature was on the Signature 6 app, made by a different company. Rexton, the current manufacturer, hasn't come out with the app yet for 7! I lost my #7 aid in a gravel driveway and now I have to use up my only free replacement offer, whereas I wouldn't have to if I had a finder. I certainly hope the 7 app is coming out soon and I hope it has the finder feature. Please, someone should give consumers an update on these issues.

Ronald G
Ronald G 27 February 2017

Am able to hear the TV, movies in a theater, and female voices much better. High frequency gain makes a huge difference when listening to people speaking. As an instrumentalist, I am able to program my hearing aids to "playing music." The noise reduction program does help in conversation in a noisy environment. The music listening program helps me to hear the audible high end such as snare drums and cymbals. Overall, these Cosco Kirkwood 7 hearing aids are a bargain for $1699.00. Some of my friends spend upwards of 6 to 8 thousand dollars for similar aids. I have 160 day trial period with my Cosco aids and a money back guarantee if not satisfied. Where else can you go and be treated so fairly? Before you spend 6 grand or more, see Amy at the Grand Rapids Cosco location. She'll also give you a free trial. Cosco from my perspective is hard to beat.

Fred A
Fred A 28 January 2017

They fit comfortably and I have no feedback problems or buzzing like other hearing aids. Unfortunately for me, however, my hearing has not been improved at all. I am very concerned that nothing can be done for my hearing loss. This is the 4th set of hearing aids I have had in my lifetime. This set is the best in everything you would want in hearing aids except they do not help my hearing.

Member 01 March 2017
I am so sorry to inform you that hearing aides are just that aids to help your ears pick up sound better. Nothing can be done to actually improve your natural hearing :(. I have learned that with my mom, and it is indeed pretty disappointing. However we need to accept the new situation and find a way to be happy :)). have a good day.
John K
John K 24 January 2017

I am first timer when it comes to aids, so I cannot compare my Kirkland is 7.0 to others. I kept putting off getting aids but I finally went to A ENT for a problem with my right ear. He referred me to an Audiologist for hearing evaluation. After medications for the problem I was having, my ENT recommended that I check out hearing aids. The audiologist quoted me between 5,000 and 7,000 depending on the model. Way too Much. I guess I don't really need them.. After further thought, and some internet searching I ended up at Costco. I tried out several pairs of aids and chose the KS 7.0. 1700 dollars I would give them a try. I am very pleased with my purchase, make that amazed. I am hearing sounds that I can't remember hearing before. I can follow conversations in a crowded restaurant. I tell everyone I know with hearing issues to try Costco.

Member 05 February 2017
Thanks for the review...My first time...You still happy with them?...
Leila B
Leila B 24 December 2016

It is amazing ....what a world this has opened up for me!

Mark  G
Mark G 20 December 2016

I just got them and there is an adjustment period. I like the Connexx Smart Remote app because I can make adjustments from my iPhone.

Caryn T
Caryn T 17 December 2016

My tv volume went from the 80's to the 20's

Mark B
Mark B 29 August 2017

I've had mine 4 days now and I'm impressed. Had lunch with my daughter today and it's the first time in a long time that I could understand her without straining or asking her to raise her voice. Smart Phone App is nice, although one needs to remember the phone only sends message to the HAs. They don't send anything back to the phone. This is why the battery level checker requires the aid to beep at you to show the battery level

Member 24 November 2016
I'm researching these hearing aides for my father and looking for the size of the component outside the ear. Can you tell me how wide and long they are? My father has been reluctant in getting aides.
Mark B
Mark B 25 November 2016
Approximately 1 inch long, slightly over 3/8 inch wide and about 1/4" thick. People don't notice them unless I point them out. They often don't notice them even when I say "See my hearing aids."
John B
John B 22 March 2017

Purchased the 6.0 version in August as my first hearing aid. Was satisfied with performance, but really had nothing to compare them to. Since the purchase contract allowed for a 6 month return, thought I'd give the 7.0 a try after reading all reviews and literature I could find. Contacted my Cosco hearing aid specialist and made an appointment., and she had a demo set ready within minutes after arriving the next day. LEFT my 6.0 units with her and took them for a spin. First thing I noticed was that the sound was more natural and less aggravated by clunky noise. Walking around Cosco in search af an irritating sreaming, screeching baby I noticed that the background noise of A/C overhead was barely noticable. Found a test subject baby and to my supprize the screaming was not irritating. So far, so good. Onward out the door and down the road. Conversation in my truck with wife was easy, and did not have to turn the left off to eliminate some of the road noise. On to tex mex restaurant along I45. Can hear blinkers. Traffic noise seems more natural. Arriving and out of truck noticed just how loud a Harley Davidson roar really is. Conversation over dinner table with family was quite natural and improved over the 6.0 and background noise seemed less noticable. Fajitas were tough as rubber, but the conversation was easiest I can remember. Back to Cosco, wife in back seat, conversation easy without having to turn head. LOVE these things. 6.0 is good. 7.0 is great. Fitting and programing the 7.0 took about 30 minutes. Returing the 6.0 for credit went flawless as did the new purchase. Thanks to Mikki for doing an excellent job . Features I really like is being able to turn aids off and on with button rather than opening the battery door and the on the device volume control. At home, hearing the country sounds I can't hear without aids ... crickets, birds singing and frogs around the stock tank. Overall, a great experience, better hearing and a $100 savings.

Member 05 February 2017
Thanks for the review..Researching all the options before I part with my money...Still happy with them?
Member 22 March 2017
Thanks for a well thought out review covering a range of background noise conditions and especially the comparison to the 6. Thanks also for letting us know the 7.0's failure to tenderize fajitas ;) .
Stephen F
Stephen F 28 October 2016

I can't tell I have them on most of the time they only took about 20 minutes to get used to them first time I put them in . They're very comfortable in my ears.

Sy N
Sy N 02 October 2016

I only tried them out for a short while and was very impressed. I will be returning for my next appointment and will definitely be purchasing the SIGNATURE 7.0. At $1700 I can't go wrong. My next appointment is 10/8. I was told the 7.0 has 48 channels. Sounds like more for your money over the Trax 42. I spoke to the Costco Hearing Aid technician today and he told me each aid has 1 speaker, 2 microphones and 48 channels/Tracks. I have an appointment next week and will try them one more time. I will follow up with my results.

darrell P
darrell P 24 September 2016

I've had 2 pairs of "in the canal" hearing aids before. They were uncomfortable; sounds were not natural & often tinny. The Kirkland 7.0s are very comfortable &sound very natural, not tinny at all. In fact, they're so comfortable & natural that sometimes I think I'm not wearing them or they're not turned on. I've only had them a week.

Member 23 February 2017
Darrell Which Cost Co did you go to? I live in Strasburg, VA Did you happen to go to Winchester? I want to make sure it is a good audioligst
Steve L
Steve L 30 September 2017

I'm so happy I finally purchased hearing aids. I immediately noticed I was hearing things in music on car radio which were missing before. Each day brings new sounds. Tv, phone,wife are all easier to hear.

Member 30 September 2017
Did you expect to hear your wife? Are you returning them?

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Member 04 November 2016
I went to the ear nose and throat doctor for hearing loss and tinnitus his audiologist tested me and told me I had severe hearing loss and I needed hearing aids which would be $3000 to $8000 I am a 65-year-old female single and living alone and I was not prepared to spend that kind of money on something I didn't know If I would even use and like . Well I just bought my first hearing aids. I did research for 3 mos. and realized buying hearing aids is like buying a car I was confused and anxious and almost didn't purchase any at friend said why don't you try Costco I have a membership at Costco but never realized they sold hearing aids,. I bought the Kirkland signature 7.0 I felt at ease with the service and professionalism and I love that I can hear the turn signal on my car . The volume on my TV is now back to 8 not 18 and I don't know why I waited so long. The price and the warranty makes Costco the only choice for purchasing hearing aids. Joy Jackson
Member 06 March 2017 Replied to Member
I have tinnitus as well, do you notice and change in that? I have an appointment Thursday.
Member 08 March 2017 Replied to Member
My ENT doc said that to sleep better with tinnitus, try purchasing a "white noise" app or buy a device (for $50) that moms use to provide "white noise" for their babies to sleep better. "White noise" is a kind of static that takes your mind of the tinnitus. The audiologist at the ENT's office can program "white noise" into some of the hearing aids she sells. Costco said they do not have any hearing aids that can be programmed for "white noise". I've been testing a pair that is programmed for me for free for a whole week. However, the audiologist wanted to find out my experiences with just the hearing aids first. Then, next week, she will program "white noise" into the aids. If that lessons my tinnitus during the day, I'll think seriously about purchasing from the audiologist altho' the aids are soooo expensive there. If the "white noise" in the aides do not help that problem, then Costco's Kirkland Signature 7.0 Premiums seem like the best deal I can find.
Member 25 October 2017 Replied to Member
I take 1000 mg of Taurine 2 times a day and it has reduced the ringing. Not completely gone, but quieter. I recommend Life Extention brand.
Member 10 November 2016
I am so excited about getting my kirkland 7.0 hearing aids from Costco. They are very comfortable. I have a question about the case is there a special way to put them in? I don't want to break them closing the lid. Ty
Member 13 September 2017 Replied to Member
You won't break them by putting them in the case. The cushioning in the case keeps the batteries from falling out of their little compartments. But it does not harm the aids. I broke my case and unfortunately can't find that same design case still available. The battery doors need to be kept open so that the aids are "off" when being kept in the case, so ideally you want the cushioned case that sandwiches the aids inside.
Member 13 November 2016
I am 41 years old & struggled a bit to go get checked out. I first went to Beltone & they put some aids in my ears & I was floored how much better I could hear and was sold! Then they told me the price, $7200!! Wow! I guess I don't need them after all!! I went a few days & then started looking for some preowned aids on craigslist. as I was finding some I would look at reviews and do some research. My research always turned up some reviews of the costco aids. So I decided to look into them more. The nearest Costco was an hour from me so I decided to go get tested there too. The test they do at Costco seemed to be more in depth than the test at Beltone. They were really selling me at Beltone but at Costco they made their recommendations and were not pushing the sale. I ended up buying the Kirkland Signature 7.0 aids, rechargable batteries and charger/dryer another dryer and the Smart Connect bluetooth receiver. I am on day 2 of wearing them and still loving them. The smart connect is great for phone calls. (I wear it inside my shirt so its not visible) I am still trying to figure out all the options using the smart connect. It seems to connect & disconnect a lot depending if the app is open. I disconnected it for streaming and it has worked great. If I can update this review I will in a week or 2 to see if I am still wearing them. Costco gives you 6 months to see if they will work which is awesome I figured that is plenty of time to see if I will stick with them or do without.
Member 21 November 2016 Replied to Member
Thank you for this review. I am 45 and looking at purchasing my first pair,seriously considering these. Appt. in a couple of weeks. I know it's only been a couple of days, but any updates?
Member 05 February 2017 Replied to Member
Thanks for the review... Researching all the options before I part with my money...Still happy with them?
Mark B
Mark B 16 November 2016
I've had mine 4 days now and I'm impressed. Had lunch with my daughter today and it's the first time in a long time that I could understand her without straining or asking her to raise her voice. Smart Phone App is nice, although one needs to remember the phone only sends message to the HAs. They don't send anything back to the phone. This is why the battery level checker requires the aid to beep at you to show the battery level
Member 22 November 2016
Since changing from ReSound to Signia as the supplier of Kirkland Signature, this HA is no longer listed as "Made For iPhone"
Abram Bailey, AuD
Abram Bailey, AuD 22 November 2016 Replied to Member
We have made the correction. When consulting the list published by Apple, the KS7 was not included as a Made For iPhone device. Thank you for your feedback.
Member 01 December 2016
I had Oticon hearing aids before these Kirkland 7.0. These were less than half the price, but are twice as good. The sound is more natural and the background noise is greatly reduced. I'm very pleased with them. I've had them a week.
Member 08 February 2017 Replied to Member
This is VERY useful. I currently have a 5+ year old pair of Oticans which are dying. I have an appointment with my audiologist and I know she'll most likely suggest I keep with them, but with a new pair. Although they have worked reasonably well, I've always found the sound to be quite tinny and unpleasant.
Member 18 December 2016
I purchased the Kirkland 7.0 in the past month. I also have the rechargeable batteries with the Connexx Smart Power charger. I keep my charger on the dresser to recharge at night. It takes at least 8 hours to recharge. During the recharging process, in the middle of the night, the aids start to play music waking me up. Ive tried opening and closing the lid on the charger, reversing the aids in the charger, etc to make it stop. I can't figure out what is wrong. Last night the chargers lights were blinking rapidly for hours Does anyone know what is going on here?
Member 23 December 2016
Very disappointed...won't pare with blue tooth..when I was told that they were compatible...2 thumbs down
Leila B
Leila B 24 December 2016
First tme user of hearing aids and find them just what I needed. Bought them at Brooklyn's Costco and Francine and her helper Sylvia were the best. Leila Bloomfield
Member 10 January 2017
We are looking for top of the line hearing aids for severe hearing loss. We would like to try Costco's Kirkland brand. What do you suggest, for one that is quite limited. His currently is going out, and he is interested in looking this week. If necessary, he could visit another Costco, such as in Roseville, ec. If your best brands are there. Thanks! Barbara Fall
Member 19 January 2017
I have had these hearing aids for one month, and am very pleased with them. One of the deciding factors for me is the six month trial period. This provides plenty of time to thoroughly evaluate the hearing aids. Also, the price is SO much less than others I checked out. I would certainly drive the 2 hours from my home to Costco again. I have told many friends about these hearing aids.
Member 03 February 2017
Any one out there having a problem with rechargeable battery life? I generally get 13 hours out of the left one but the right one never seems to drain completely. Does the left device suck more juice than the right or could I have a defective battery? Ironically, my right ear is the worst and it would seem needs more amplification. Baffled?
Member 04 February 2017
I am a new hearing aid user. I found my Kirkland Signature 7.0 aids to be quite user friendly. I easily control them with my android phone. While out for dinner and musical entertainment last evening I used 3 programs, regular, restaurant, and live music. The settings were very helpful with noticeable improvement for each setting. I really enjoyed my evening out and ability to communicate with friends.
Member 23 February 2017
This is my second day with the 7.0, I don't care what anybody says ,I have a lot of sounds I have not heard for 50+ years, it's like a new world to me, their might be something better out their, but who cares, for a first time user this is great, and it keeps the wife off my back about not hearing her, and the TV volume is set lower, way lower!! THANK YOU!!
Member 04 March 2017
Are they "Made for iPhone like the Signature 6.0's?
Member 10 March 2017
Bought these and began using them 2 weeks ago. Wondering how they react to situations where I sweat--workout, hiking, etc.
Member 14 March 2017
I am a long time hearing aid user and have several kinds. I just picked up my signature 7 hearing aid . I tried out a pair in Costco with the plastic dome they fit fine behind the ear . I had ear molds made and when I tried the hearing aid on then they sit too close to the top of my ear and are seen looking straight into my face . The tech called to get a #4 wire and was told they were not made .WHY? Some people need them so I don't have to give the hearing aids back. This is something I would be willing to pay for it's just a longer wire on same ends. It looks like Costco would stock them instead of having 1700 dollars lost I know I cannot be the only person to make this complaint.
mark d
mark d 22 March 2017
I have had the KS 7s for two months now. It has been a life changer for me; the exhaustion of listening has been eliminated. Some words occasionally drop out but overall I am hearing the whole story. Restaurants and noisy venues are no longer a problem. Very grateful and pleased with the improvement. By the way, this is my first set of hearing aids
Quinton S
Quinton S 30 March 2017
As a Salesperson for a competitor local store, Costco is THE best when it comes to providing a decent to good pair of hearing aids for the price. (We do not have the volume to match the price.) If you have a membership, I would give them a go versus the $4,000 to $8,000 you would get quoted elsewhere!
Member 11 April 2017
This is my second pair of Kirkland hearing aids. I have used Starkey in the past and like these much better...mostly because of the price! I also like the fact they give you ear pieces so you can replace them yourself if they get clogged with ear wax. My Starkey in-the-ear's had to be sent back to Starkey with a $250 charge when they were clogged. My insurance covers $0 for hearing so I will take the $1,799 route from here on out. Also, I find the Costco hearing aid specialists are just as knowledgable as audiologists at the hearing centers.
Member 17 May 2017
I must have the best audiologist in all of Costco. Been going to the same guy for 5 years now and he is incredible. I go in and if we are shopping he will take my hearing aids and clean them, replace the silicone domes and batteries. If I am having problems understanding people I call, set an appointment, go in and we do the whole hearing test and adjustment. He recently moved from the Brandon Fl store to the Wesly Chaple store, I moved from Brandon to his new store just because of his service. But honestly, everyone I have ever dealt with at the Costco Hearing Centers has been excellent.
Member 05 June 2018 Replied to Member
I plan to join Costco just to get their hearing aids. I live somewhat closer to the Brandon store than the Wesley Chapel store. Did you have any experience with the person in Brandon or did you go immediately to Wesley Chapel when the audiologist transferred ? Incidentally, is he actually an audiologist or is he a ENT? Each time that I will go to Costco it will be about a 2 hour round trip. Please elaborate on why it is probably worth it . I really value your opinion.
Member 23 May 2017
I only need the right ear. Can I still use Kirkland 7.0 using one side and possibly finding a buyer for the left ear to split the costs?
Member 29 October 2017 Replied to Member
I bought a right ear only..$850. Not a problem..I also have very small ear canals so the custom fit worked well for me. I've had it a week and so far so good. Also using the iPhone app plus I did buy the remote as a back up so I opted out of the iPhone Bluetooth compatible.
Member 23 June 2017
The Costco KS7's are a fantastic value. These are truly premium hearing aids - they are rechargeable optional with the purchase of a recharging accessory, and all they really lack is built-in bluetooth. Similar hearing aids found at a private practice would cost $5k+ for a pair. They are Rexton (Sivantos) manufactured/branded (found in small print on the battery cover as well as the printout I got from Costco). The iPhone app is a nice feature that allows you to set options on the HAs without fiddling with the buttons on the HAs themselves. Costco's audiologists at the Alexandria, VA, store are first-rate too. The Costco option should be on anyone's short-list of hearing aid options to explore.
Member 25 July 2017
I have a three year old set of Bernafon Acriva 9's that I got at Costco. I recently had another hearing test and had their settings updated. I am still having trouble understanding conversation. Has anyone moved from the Bernafon to the new Costco 7.0? Any feedback on the two?
Member 05 August 2017
Does anyone have these that wear glasses? how do they feel with your glasses on? Thanks in advance for your reply.
Bud R
Bud R 01 November 2017 Replied to Member
I wear glasses and hearing amplifiers. I have no problems wearing both.
Member 02 August 2018 Replied to Bud R
No problem with glasses.
alan c
alan c 08 August 2017
I have a pair of Kirkland Signature 7.0 hearing aids, which most of the time serve me well. In situations like restaurants, however, they do not help me. Most of the time in such places I turn them off. A friend who has a different brand uses a remote microphone that is very effective in restaurants. She just places it on the table and the voices of those at the table are amplified, but the ambient noises are not. I called a local Costco hearing aid center. The person there indicated that I would need a speech connect and a blue tooth steamer that would cost a lot of money, many hundreds of dollars. Since my Kirkland aids were priced competitively, I am surprised to learn that this accessory is not. Alan
Member 23 August 2017
Will your new store in Lincoln NE have an audioligy dept?
Member 26 August 2017
I was outfitted with the Kirkland 7.0 just recently since the Kirkland 6.0 did not have telecoil. So I now have telecoil with the 7.0 (which is very important to me, since many meetings are setup with this system) However, I am now missing the 6.0 functionality of the hearing aid streaming my cellphone calls directly to my hearing aids (via an iPhone app)! In order to get this functionality I had to purchase a "smart connect" gadget that goes around my neck. With this gadget my 7.0 hearing aids allow me to hear my cell phone calls directly into my hearing aid. I am disappointed with the "downgrade" and having to wear a "smart connect" around my neck. I don't understand my Costco would do this!!! Of course, it also adds to the price of the hearing aid.
Gary P
Gary P 28 September 2017
This is my first set of hearing Aids and I am so glad I chose Costco. Everyone was great the testing was much better then I received at a local audiologist. The Kirkland signature 7.0 are great never realized how much help hearing aids help.
Member 24 October 2017
I am 3-1/2 hours into wearing my first hearing aids.....and I love them! I've had a loss in my right hear since I was in my 20's due to an ear infection. Then I'm sure the club/concert years didn't help-lol! I've wanted to get an aid for years but the cost made them out of reach. Well, I finally was ready and started my research. I am so glad that I happened upon a forum that included info about Costco. Shannon at the Greensboro NC store was great!! I've had the testing done at a local ENT and Costco's was actually more detailed. The shock was that I needed TWO aids....I really wasn't ready for that news-lol. She fitted me with the loaners and I did the walk around the store and was AMAZED at what I could hear!! I came back ready to purchase and actually had the option of just buying one. She did a great job of explaining the need to protect the hearing in the left ear which is not bad. So if I was going to only get one; I should get it for the 'good' ear!! But it was so cool being able to hear out the left ear that I bought the pair!! Today was 'install' day and I couldn't be happier!! The radio in the car was turned down immediately-lol. I'm sitting in front of the TV with the volume on 15!!! 15 y'all-lol!! This is so freakin' cool!! Vanity wasn't a big factor for me; cost was. I am a darker complexioned African American woman. We chose the brown color for the BTE part and a bronze over the ear wire. No one looked at me twice at any store I visited today...except to acknowledge my loveliness-lol!! So I am happy, happy, happy!! Oh, and the phone app is more than cool! I feel like I'm one of the Jetsons-lol!!
Bud R
Bud R 01 November 2017
I'm retired and don't have the finds for hearing aids but my hearing is very poor while my wife's hearing is exceptionally good. She is soft spoken so it is hard to hear her. I bought 4 channel digital hearing amplifiers from a vendor on Amazon for just $50 about a year ago. With them I can hear my wife but other sounds are too loud. With the positive comments here about the Costco Kirkland 7.0 aids I am tempted to buy them despite the high price.
Member 03 November 2017 Replied to Bud R
In reality Bud they are moderately priced compared to a lot of other brands. I had 43% loss in my right ear and 40% in my left. I am also a musician and involved in a lot of jam sessions. I am now hearing sounds I haven't heard in 20 years, don't frustrate the daylites out my wife by continually asking her to repeat what she said. Costco bend over backwards to fine tune my Kirkland Signature 7.0, still some final tweaking to do but overall I give them a 10 out of 10. Good luck with whatever choice you make Bud. Ken.F. Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada
Member 09 November 2017 Replied to Bud R
The Kirkland hearing aids from Costco are among the very least expensive I was able to find and much less expensive that going in to a private audiologist. My total drive-out price for 2 aids (both ears) was $3299. The Rexton TRAX-42 (also from Costco) were about $400 less expensive but I wanted the bluetooth option which Rexton did not offer. Just as a heads-up, I have been told by several people to expect no more than about 3 to 4 years usable life out of a set of hearing aids (regardless of brand) before expecting to need replacement. These are "behind-the-ear" models. The fully in-the-ear models are considerably more expensive.
Member 02 November 2017
I am very happy with my Kirkland Signature hearing aids. Good price and good service. No complaints
Member 29 November 2017
I just got a set a few days ago to replace the Bernafons that I got from Costco 3 years ago. I will pass those on to a relative and Costco will set them up at no charge as the relative is a Costco member. So far they are a big improvement. I will post a thorough review after I have had them for a while. I do want to make it clear that the software the audiologist used was REXTON, not Sivantos. Maybe they are owned by the same company.
Member 08 December 2017
I'm on day three with the Kirkland 7.0 set of aids. Like several of the other comments I've read, I went thru the ENT process, decadron injections, VNG test, etc. only to find out at the end I needed HA's which I sort of knew going in. The ENT audiologist quoted approx. $3700 for Phonak and another shop quoted around $3800 for a comparable Resound model. As noted, the comparable Costco model was $1700 and change "out the door" saving me over $2K - what's not to like? On the downside though, I wasn't given a user manual and can only find the 6.0 manual on line. I'm old school enough that I want to read thru and thoroughly understand all aspects of what these things can do and how they operate. Sure, the tech at Costco gave me "run through" but it was a lot of info to absorb and retain all at once. I have the 7.0 data sheet and will use that for a Q/A session when I go back to Costco next week for the initial check up. Overall though, I'm pleased and once I get past the "itchy-ness" and odd sensation of having something in my ears, I'll be even happier.
Member 21 December 2017
I had the 5.0 series for just over 2 years and loved them. I could hear so much more - nature sounds, conversations and having a second mode for noisy environments was amazing. Mode 2 made the rain stop sounding like static, it filtered out all the background chatter in restaurants and made it easy to hear the person in front of me. Sadly, I lost them and paid another $1699 for the 7.0 version about a month ago. They are a major disappointment - Mode 1 seems OK, but they irritate my ears something fierce. I have to remove them frequently for relief and the Mode 2 for noisy environments makes matters worse - and they have been adjusted twice. I can't wear them in my car because tire and rain noise is so loud - and one other thing - I whistle a lot, which sounded natural with the 5.0 series, but the 7.0 makes it sound tinny and wavering - it's no longer enjoyable. Also, my audiologist doesn't seem to know what she's doing, unlike the person who fitted me for the 5.0 series. Guess these are going back.....
Member 31 December 2017
I am very happy with my 7.0 ReSound hearing aid. My right ear is near normal and and the left is only understanding 40 percent of spoken words. The one aid I bought is great, you do need to adjust it though for the situation your in such as noisy resturants, parties and such. For instance with the TV, I turn the hearing aid volume up and the TV volume down and notice a big improvement in my understanding the show. In a noisy restaurant sitting and talking with friends I switch to the directional program and then adjust the volume to a reasonable level. Any hearing aid sounds tinny at first, I'm just glad I'm understanding what is being said !
Member 06 January 2018
Using AU $2000 to get my hearing back, that worths it. The hearing aids greatly help with my communication with people, especially st workplace.
Member 19 January 2018
I have the hearing aids for a couple years and they have been working great. I now realize they are not as effective as they were so I have made an appointment to have my hearing checked and hopefully will get back to the level I had previously. Overall very pleased
Member 19 January 2018
I have owned my KS7.0 hearing aids for about 3 weeks now. I’ve had a few adjustments in fitting done a few times and still find them uncomfortable to wear. Sort of feels like pencil erasers in my ear canal. Until today, when comparing notes with another KS7.0 person who shared my same concerns gave me a good suggestion on comfort. The soft cone that goes into the ear has circular design that if you cut the spacing support around the base of the cone, this action reduces the pressure from the outer rim of the cone on the inner ear and makes wearing them much more comfortable. The cone still fits snug in the ear and sound performance isn’t affected. You can cut the spacing between each rib one at a time testing after each cut. Your not removing any material with each cut. Your just allowing the outer circle of the cone to compress easier in you ear canal making it more comfortable in your ear. Works for me, thanks Jim!” I also noticed if I keep the volume turned down low, I don’t get feedback when I talk and the hearing aids pick up my voice. That is very uncomfortable and makes me constantly clear my throat but with the volume down low, that talkback is minimal. A sudden load bang or load noise seems to be amplified uncomfortably when wearing hearing aids. Overall, I am hearing Better but sound quality of music seems to be changed for some reason.
Member 19 January 2018
I have owned my KS7.0 hearing aids for about 3 weeks now. I’ve had a few adjustments in fitting done a few times and still find them uncomfortable to wear. Sort of feels like pencil erasers in my ear canal. Until today, when comparing notes with another KS7.0 person who shared my same concerns gave me a good suggestion on comfort. The soft cone that goes into the ear has circular design that if you cut the spacing support around the base of the cone, this action reduces the pressure from the outer rim of the cone on the inner ear and makes wearing them much more comfortable. The cone still fits snug in the ear and sound performance isn’t affected. You can cut the spacing between each rib one at a time testing after each cut. Your not removing any material with each cut. Your just allowing the outer circle of the cone to compress easier in you ear canal making it more comfortable in your ear. Works for me, thanks Jim!” I also noticed if I keep the volume turned down low, I don’t get feedback when I talk and the hearing aids pick up my voice. That is very uncomfortable and makes me constantly clear my throat but with the volume down low, that talkback is minimal. A sudden load bang or load noise seems to be amplified uncomfortably when wearing hearing aids. Overall, I am hearing Better but sound quality of music seems to be changed for some reason.
Member 21 January 2018
I bought a set of Costco hearing aids for over $1700.00. Got a new cell phone that has been out over 6 months and they have not been keeping up with technology so I can no longer control my hearing aids making them useless. Call and they told me I could go back to my outdated phone or spend another $200.00 dollar or do to buy something I could wear on my belt to be able to adjust the hearing aids. I do not recommend buying hearing aids for Costco. They can not keep up with technology.
Member 30 January 2018
In search of KSHA04 hearing aids or at least the right hand unit for my 96 year old mom. She won't spend the money needed to buy a new set. Does anyone have this they would sell for a very reasonable price?
Member 28 February 2019 Replied to Member
I have a pair to sell.  They were my Mom's.
Member 02 August 2018
I have had the 800's a week no. Very impresses although it takes practice to get them in. Still don't have it totally don now but improving. They need minor adjustments I think but it is an hour away. Don't have to say what all the time and don't have to play the tv so loud.. My wife loves it.
Member 03 September 2018
I only have time to post this once. I hope others read it. The problem with Costco and other fitters is they fit everyone based on the 65% to 70% of the people who hear good enough with the standard settings. For the rest of us, good luck. I can't recommend specific adjustments because I don't have your hearing charts, and live testing but tweaking these out will help with the female voices. Costco has a training video with two different females talking one is in the higher hz range and one is in the lower hz range. I always have them play that video and tweak my hearing aids to the voices on the video. Have the audi tech make notes on every setting change made so you can go back to the previous levels if necessary. You should keep your own set of notes and file it away after the settings are where you want them. Expect this to take two or three visits to get it tuned to you specifically. General Setup Check default volume range. Set power on volume level. Expand volume control range 32 db Target gain level 100% unless you're a new user Acclimatization Level 4 No acclimation manager Single hearing aid No binaural coupling Decouple Two hearing aids binaural on. Basic Tuning Master gain Settings (Try these for female voice issues and loud noise like running water.) Loud sounds 80 db Turn down 8 to 6 -2db Medium Sounds 65 db Up Slightly 8 to 10 up 2 db Soft sounds 50 db Turn up 7 to 10 up 3 db Speech Sounds Increase 2 clicks up Own Voice Reduce loudness -2 db 2 click down Sound Quality Increase softer -2 clicks down No Learning Turn off learning feature No Frequency Compression unless you can't hear well without it. If it doesn't make a difference turn it off. It can interfere with the adjustments below. Fine Tuning (I don't know what these default to based on your hearing tests, but start with where your aids are programmed now. Audi techs don't like to go up more than 1 or 2 db's at a time. I jump 4 to 8 dbs. If it's too loud or causes distortion, I just turn it down a couple of db's. Moving up 1 or 2 db's only gives minor benefits and means you'll be back.) Tune away. Everything is reversal. And nothing is going to break your hearing aids. 250 hz I usually turn mine up 3 db's. This helps with low male and female voices. 500 hz I've moved this up 8 plus db's. It helps with verbal clarity. 1000 hz For 1000 hz, 1500 hz and 2000 hz I've gone up 8 to 12 db's. Helps with femaile voices and speech in general. 1500 hz 2000 hz 4000 hz and higher this is the loud sharp sounds. I turn these frequencies down to stop the sharp tin sounds like paper crunching, water flowing in the sink or water hitting water. Speech isn't generally impacted by these frequencies. Every adjustment is going to depend on your hearing loss and what works for you. Very few people turn up the HZ below 1000. For me, moving those up substantially makes a huge difference. That won't be true for everyone. Don't be afraid to experiment. Ask the audi tech to make these adjustments. I've had Costco audi techs who don't even know where these adjustments are made in the software. Really! I know but you don't. (Just give me the mouse and move over.) If you can hear better in one ear than in the other one, ask them to graph both curves on one chart. Pay attention to all of the differences between the good ear and worse one. Adjust the worse one based on both your hearing and the good ear's curve. That will be clue to trying adjustments like the low frequency ones that rarely get made. Good luck.
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