Miracle ear genius ric

Miracle Ear Genius RIC 5300 Receiver In The Ear Hearing Aid

  • Water
    Not Rated
  • Dust
    Not Rated
Battery: Size 312
Technology Level: 1
Programs: 6
Channels: 20
Bandwidth: 12000

Audio streaming between aids
Directional microphone
Directional microphone array
FM Compatibility
Frequency Compression/Shifting
Push button
Rechargeable Batteries
Remote Control
Synchronization between aids
Tinnitus Therapy
Volume control

Miracle Ear Genius RIC 5300 Product Information

Miracle Ear's new GENIUS product line introduces Binaural Wireless 3.0, which is allegedly 1000x faster than Miracle Ear's previous generation of wireless technology. Binaural Wireless 3.0 enables GENIUS hearing aids to send the complete audio signal from one device to the other. Such technology has been used by other brands (most notably Phonak) in the past, and has also been used in Siemens hearing aids, which are manufactured by the same company as Miracle Ear (Sivantos). In the Siemens world, the technology is known as e2e wireless 3.0, and seems to have similar benefits; hearing aids form a "virtual eight-microphone network" to provide a "heightened sensitivity of the acoustic environment." This technology not available in certain models, such as the GENIUS mini RIC.

Miracle Ear Genius RIC 5300 Videos

The Newest Miracle-Ear Hearing Technology, GENIUS

This video explains the process of seeing a Miracle Ear hearing provider. A free hearing test is provided, but Miracle Ear states that tests are "audiometric test[s] to determine proper amplification needs only" and "not medical exams or diagnoses." We're not sure if that means the tests can't diagnose hearing loss, but we are open to further clarification. The video also walks through the features and benefits of Miracle Ear's new GENIUS technology.

Miracle Ear Genius RIC 5300 Accessories

GENIUSlink App
GENIUScontrol App
ME Control

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